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  1. donrae
    This page will be updated as my breeding pens change. It should reflect what I currently have available for swap or sale for hatching eggs.


    Main flock--Rooster Eric. Chicks will be Camo Eggers.

    Eric is a true barnyard mix. His lineage started with a Buff Orpington rooster over a Red hen. The resulting male was put over a barred Rock hen. That resulting male sex link was put over a Welsummer hen, and Eric was hatched. So, he's got a true mixed bag for color genetics, and some dark egger genes. His momma laid a nice terra-cotta egg at a good production rate.
    Hens in this pen include Ameraucana x Dark Cornish hens that are blue, clean faced and lay blue/green eggs, a light blue feathered blue egger with beard and muffs, Australorps, a Light Brahma, a Rhodebar, a clean legged cuckoo Marans, two barred Rock pullets and two blue egg laying blue sex links.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Bantam pen--rooster Glen.

    Glen is a silkie from Ideal. He's sweet as anything and loves his ladies. He co-parents chicks readily and is very tolerant of having his pen double as a grow-out pen for juveniles.
    Hens in this pen are a buff silkie, an oversize birchen bantam Cochin hen, two tiny black bantam Cochin hens, two black bantam Cochins I was told are split for chocolate but I don't know for sure. I'm getting about three eggs a day from this pen.

    Olive Egger Pen. The rooster is Tom. He's a blue barred blue egger. He's from a splash Ameraucana over a mixed breed blue feathered black barred hen. He's single barred, so half his babies will be barred regardless of gender. He's pure for the blue egg gene. The hens are my black, black copper and blue Marans hens. Chicks will be Olive Eggers, blue black or splash, , barred or solid. I just set this pen up on 5/12, so for the next 3 weeks or so there's a a chance of getting a pure Marans chick if the hens are still fertile from the Marans rooster. *Currently on hold due to lack of production in my Slacker hens* . ;
    Marans and blue egger eggs.


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  1. summerb123
    wow cool love the bantams
  2. Alexandra33
    Wow, what stunning mixes! Those roos are REALLY easy on the eyes. :p
  3. N F C
    It's nice to get a chance to see some of your flock Rachel!

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