There are many different ways of drying herbs, but if you use my way, it'll cost you next to nothing. The purpose of drying herbs is to store them for a prolonged time. In the olde days, the people used to hang the herbs up on strings near the hearth to dry them. That has changed a lot.
Types Of Herbs
You can dry just about any herb, but there are some that I find a lot easier to dry AND grow. Some that I find easier are thyme, rosemary, oregano, and sage. Some others that I haven't tried drying yet are basil (I freeze that!), chives, cilantro, and many, many others.
- Binder Clips
- Scissors
- Thumb Tacks
- A Sunny Window
- Small Jar (Baby Food Jar)
- Herbs!

What's "My Way"?
1. Take a thumb tack and push it into a horizontal pane on your sunny window

2. Take your scissors and cut off some stems of the herb plant (This plant is thyme)

3. Clip the herbs into the binder clip

4. Hang the binder clips with the herbs on the thumb tacks and wait until they dry

5. Take the stems out of the clip and pick off the leaves... then put them in the jar...