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    *** If underlined, that means it's a very good award for me! ***
    2011 North-Eastern Poultry Congress:
    Olive-"3" out of "5" (Molting)

    4th Place out of 14 Contestant at Intermediate Showmanship (86 Points)
    2010 Guilford Fair:
    Olive- Belgian Bearded d'Anver Quail- Champion Junior Bird &
    Reserve Champion People's Choice Awards
    Helen- Dark Brahma- Graded "1" out of 5 (No place)
    Iggy- Bearded White Polish- Graded "1" out of 5 (No place)
    Bathsheba- White leghorn- Graded "2" out of 5 (No place)
    2010 CTPBS Show: (Sorry, No Pics)
    Bird-Buff Cochin- Graded "3" out of 4 (No Place)
    Iggy- Bearded White Polish- Best Continental
    Hope- BCW Polish- Reserve Continental
    UCONN 2010:
    Iggy- Bearded White Polish- "1" out of 3

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