I am going to show you what a 15 year old can do when they really want something. I was working lots of hours last summer and had told my grandson he could get some duck when we got a coop and area made for them. He took it upon himself to get it done, since I wasn't available. This is the outcome, not pretty but very functional and sturdy.


I am sorry the picture isn't very good, but it is built out of pallets I had collected, siding from an old construction site and tin that he found across the street behind the business, the guy told him he could have. He covered it all in chicken wire under the siding and all the way up to the roof line, so there is alot of nice ventilation. You can see his pond, unfortunately I have to reline the pond, what he used was not thick enough and as his ducks grew they put holes in it. That coop is 12'x6'. I told him I was going to kick the ducks out and put chickens in there.
He was only here for the summer and now has gotten a job so I won't see him this year, he is growing up, 16 now. Here are the ducks he got.
Khaki Campbells and Buff ducks

Blue and Black Swedish ducks This is only a few of the them, I couldn't get them all in the picture at one time. There were 24 to begin with, we sold 12 to thin it down to what we wanted and now have 4 more to get rid of. I don't know what I am going to do with ducks, but so far they aren't any problem.