Welcome to my page!
I live on a farm and raise Ducks, and Chickens, now, and hope to begin raising Geese, Guineas, Ringnecks, and Pigeons next Spring.

Breeds of Chicken I already raise:
- only Bow Lake bantams right now... (a new breed that I've taken stewardship over)

Breeds of Duck I raise already:
-Buff Orpington
-Blue and Rust Swedish
-Rouen Claire

Breeds I want to raise in following years that I don't raise now...
-Snyder chickens
-Dorking chickens
-DHB ducks

Breeds that I am originating:
-Chocolate Swedish (I know they already exists, but I'm re-originating them since they are so scarce)

How I raise my birds:
My birds have there own small houses throughout the warm months, and are able, allowed, and even expected to forage all of there own food. Because of this, my birds are rather healthier than birds raised on bagged feed (not that I'm saying those who feed there birds that are wrong, but the birds that eat like my birds eat can forage for what they feel they need. Feed is much more controlled, but sometimes the birds may need something that isn't in the feed, which we as owners may not know about. Of course the birds never die over something like that, but they are constantly healthy if they eat what they know they need. Unfortunately, many people's situation prevents them from raising birds as extensively as I do). My birds are let out at first light - sunrise (or long before that during the dark days of advent), spend all day outside eating and sleeping and drinking (and other activities). At night they go back inside. In winter, they are kept in an unheated coop (where they eat corn, cereal, cattail, sprouts, and other things that I harvest for them in the fall). As soon as the snow is mostly gone (March-ish), the cycle starts over again. I let my Bow lake hens do all the incubating. My argument for that is the hen knows far better than any computer does how the hatch an egg. A few minutes ago, I noticed somebody had mentioned the verse 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding' Proverbs 3:5. This is a very good verse. Raising poultry has strengthened my faith in Jesus because I realize He feeds my birds. He hatches my chicks. He grows my veggies. He brings my birds loyally back home every night. I, in reality, do nothing. Thank you, Lord.