Breed Details:
There are now less then 100 hundred adults, according to Rare Breeds Canada. They are currently more common in Ontario than in Saskatchewan, were they have recently been imported, and are once again raised in their homeland. The eggs respond very poorly to artificial incubation, so it is best to separate Toms from their hens after breeding and let the hens brood to achieve best hatching results. -I do not know the average weight of these birds, but I do know that they are slightly larger than Eastern Wilds. -The breed has a fairly calm temperament. -It is raised primarily for meat. -It is one of the hardiest breeds in the world (completely matches north-eastern wild turkeys) -It is not difficult to raise. -This breed has marvelous foraging capabilities. -It is a noisy breed. -The Breeding season lasts about 1.2 months.