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  1. Roxannemc
    EASY FAST one day run...

    Was told about these pvc hoop runs but didnt know they were so easy and fast to build
    Couldnt find the steps to build one so afriend told me what she did
    Decided to show other ppl the steps to building one.

    My Size is 8' X7 ' for 2 or 3 chickens . Super easy movable

    Material List

    4-- 2 x 2 x8' s
    8... 5/8th PVC
    50 ft of chicken wire ,can be plastic chicken wire or hardware cloth too (you really need about 35 -40' for 8x8)
    Zip ties or wire
    2 1/2 " Screws

    COST Around $50

    2x4 or 2x2s?
    2x4s are strong and a good choice but for lightness I used 2x2s,Peobabl ywont hold upas well moving it

    NEGATIVE....Moving does tend to pull the thinner 2x2s apart (see corner of mine when where granddaugther on one end man handled thru some tree limbs LOL) so I intend on adding metal braces
    POSITIVE..... Makes a very light run Maybe 20 lbs if you use mostly plastic chicken wire like I did on this one

    5/8 pvc or 5/8 tubing?
    Tubing bought from Lowes 10 ft long.....
    Positive ---- good because it is softer so easier to bend into a hoop shape & fast.Easy to screw into
    Negative---- weaker holding the shape
    Pic 1....My 1st hoop run....

    The "chicken wire" on #1 is mostly green plastic not wire ( 25' ran out with one 2 ' wide loop to go and both ends)

    Tubing not PVC on end why its sagging .Not sure how tubing will do in summer heat either
    Added 2 or 3 PVC pipes 1 " or 5/8" near either end for additional strength,.

    NOTE The dark green Plastic chicken wire in person is asthetically nicer than wire
    BUT softer so not as easy to get flat Left top of one end open to put in the waterer
    Food is in coop a PVC pipe thru the roof and 1/2 of plastic milk bottle for the receptical


    STEP 1
    Make frame ........... Make sure you bend one pipe FIRST to see how high you want the arch Height determines how long you want the side 2x2s

    My run is 7'x8' which made my arch about 3 1/2 'high .Might want 12' pipes to get a taller arch.

    STEP 2
    Bend first pipe (easyist to do on inside of your frame I found )
    Have someone hold pipe while you secure with screw so you dont get wacked in the face
    (HINT..Its easier to go thru the wood first , pipe last
    Other way pipe surface slips on screw)
    Add 7 pvcs 2 ' apart

    Hard parts over.!.

    STEP 3
    Use the ziplock ties to secure wire to the arched pipes

    STEP 4 Staple chik wire to the 2x2s at the bottom

    STEP 5 Sides----Wired across the hoop shape ends chicken wire secure with zip ties or wire twisted and cut off left over wire .

    STEP 6 Door end ------cut a pvc pipe to the size i wanted 2x2 ' for the door way .Used 4 angled pvc attachements to make square
    (Need some glue though Ididnt get it yet,...)

    STEP 7 Wire to the frame at the top and bottom
    Wire on the sides turn under pointy wire in doorway

    If i need a door (which i dont think i will) will do the same thing and add wire to the center of the pvc door
    no bottom to mine

    Below Second run in progress..... only got one run of wire on the first 2 pipes...need more zip ties or wire to go further

    Took maybe 1/2 -3/4 of a day to make with one person

    Kids can even help zip the zip ties goes quicker Put teens hammering the staples

    Staples took the longest to do.

    Price was the same as a 2x8' wood /wire run and hoop is 8x7' so cheaper to build for bigger area

    Second run im using all PVC pipe which had its own problems
    Tried to screw them on both sides at once thinking i could just bend and arch them all at once and put the side piece of 2x2 wood on >>>> SOOO WRONG>>>
    WAY TOOO STIFF But PVC more sturdy than the tubing which may have bent for me

    Well thats it hope it helps

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    I'm trying to get a feel for what you mean by 'tubing'. I'm interested in covering an area and this style may work. I know what PVC is but are you meaning metal conduit tubing or ?
    Nice hoop coops. Good pictures.


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  1. Adrian Medlicot
    Nice, an efficient way to easily make a run, and pretty quickly too!
  2. ShellyJensen
  3. Stumpy
    Thanks for sharing this. I think it would be an easy way for me to separate the roosters.

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