Tractor To Train My Run Extension

By Roxannemc · Jun 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Roxannemc
    The tractor coop and run has now become a train.....20 feet long.Talk about chicken math. What about tractor coop math?

    Ran out of room for the 11 girls as they grew so.... extension to the run.
    Each part is separate from the others for ease of moving.

    From left: tractor coop 4' 2 x 2 , run 8 x 4 x 4, then right low run extension 8 x 2x 2 ' 4"

    Old well used swing is set up for chicken tv as you see for relaxing quiet mornings and evenings.
    Chickens didnt eat the grass by the wayBlame moles, big dogs and drought
    Door on the run is open to allow the extension to be against the opening of the run when in place
    A sliding door would have been better
    The ppl door to the run is next to the extension.
    Still need wood or door seal etc to fill the gaps between the run and extension and some hooks to hold in place in case of attack by preditors.
    However my xbig dog Sophie is outside often so maybe that wont be an issue anyway.(knock on wood.)

    Didnt realize chickens like to run. They couldnt go far in the 8 ft run. Now the extension, they have a ball, running the whole 16 ft..
    SO glad idid this.
    Extension ;
    9 or 10 2x2s.(went to store 3 times forgot how many now )
    29' hardware cloth
    found chicken wire for top.

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  1. SqueakChicken
    You say your wish you would have put in a screen door. Have you seen any good examples of this? I am looking to build an expansion.
  2. Whittni
    What happens when they keep growing? Orpingtons get huge...

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