Tmy New And Improved Tractor Coop

By Roxannemc · Sep 9, 2012 · Updated Sep 13, 2012 · ·
  1. Roxannemc
    Almost finished product. Door needs embellishment and back wheels 2x4 in front needs to be added to keep babies in or they run under it and out


    Back will have 3 " wheels like on the front.Not on yet.


    Coop just rolls up to the door way of the run..Red thing on top is the 1/2 " ply slot door.Might replace it for 1/4" so doesnt stick as much.

    This is my 4 th coop and the 3rd Tractor coop,

    Each coop I made with better ideas.This cost about $130ish.
    Think the last one was about $80 total .Really no frills

    ONE GREAT improvement .... old version has tiny plastic wheels one end . They move slightly better than nothing. This one spent more and added rubber 3 " tires .

    My older hens like their coop a LOT.Hardware cloth floor, and hardware cloth window on 4 sides Sits on 2 ft high legs.
    Being older and moving them around by hand daily everything has to be thought of in "whats the lightest way" terms .

    This coop is 2 x4 x2 .

    Constructed of 2x2's
    Wheel base are 2x4's
    3" rubber wheels
    roof 1/2 " ply
    Used 1/4 " ply wall floor this time will make it a lot lighter that then last which had 1/2 " ply everyplace
    leftover pieces of hardware cloth

    My FAVORITE coop has 8 hens in and 2 roosts.2X4X2
    They do fine for the night and like it.No squabbles..... BUT no room to walk in the morning so gotta go open it right away.This is the same

    Again Slot Windows .Girls LOVE to look out as they roost, A MUST.

    Odd start ....Built the frame work in my dining room in the cool air as it was so so hot and muggy out (I did cut the wood outside) if you Do this make sure it fits thru the door way.
    I did........but didnt take in account the 1/2" thick window frames I put on after.DUH.
    Had to take the frame off one and re-apply outside Oh well.


    Will Add the vertical slot door as my other slides sideways but not as easy i am sure as this.

    Last coop has a hard ware cloth floor.
    Nice and cool and easy to hose out but this will be even better I think .
    Sliding removable floor.
    Will use sheet vynal or even sticky shelf liner as it is even lighter to cover the wood floor.
    May add hardware cloth under the sliding floor for very hot weather or make another sliding frame with hardware cloth too
    This is ONLY 3 inches off the ground so not sure how cool this would be.


    Last minute ...Couldnt resist adding the extra weight of a tall traditional "chicken coop style".window.
    Hardware cloth and Plexiglas on one side as seen in another persons coop and in the front. (hard to tell but the slot screen window is right below it.Looks like solid wood in this pic
    .The access door will be the hinge the roof.


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  1. Nardo
    "Coop buckles up to run"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    Did you fix the spot where the little ones run out?


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  1. Texas Kiki
    How'd this work out for you?
    Did you get the wheels on it? Was it easy to move around?
    Thanks for sharing!
  2. Roxannemc
    Thanks.! Flys got so bad biting here i havent finished the details on the door yet and a few other small things like the shutters onthe windows.Will cool this week so hopefully then.
  3. KyleTownsend
    Lookin' good. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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