The rodent proof Feed storage box​

It wasn't until after I got my new feathery freinds that I realized I would need someplace to put the bag of feed for them. They didn't go through much at the time so I thought "hey, I'll just put it on the other side to the broader wall". Well that worked for a while since they didn't eat to much and I only had to get a 50 lb bag every once in a while.
Then I realized how much 40 birds eat!
I also have a golden retriever named Toby. Little did I know that those birds would out eat that dog by 3 to 1! I found that I needed about 200 lbs of feed just to keep ahead of them a little. Every week I was dumping about 35-40 lbs of feed out for them - while they had weeds in the run to eat!
That's when I decided I needed a place to put the feed, and someplace the mice could not get into. (my shed has a sliding door the a cat can almost wiggle under).
So while I was at work I noticed some of the crates we get Receiver tube collars in from china, they even have blocks attached under it. "That's perfect!" I thought and loaded one up in the truck smilling. When I got it home and looked it over I decided that the walls just wouldn't hold together with the kind of traffic it was going to see so I took some of the deck spindles I had laying around the shop and placed them in every corner in the box and attached them with 1 1/2" screws. I also put a couple on the top to keep it from bowing .... up! I was going to fill it to the brim.
I then bought 2 hooks and eyebolts for maybe $3, using those as a lock of sorts. They both angle tward the center of the box so it even helps to keep out my son, Riley! Problem is, it must work on my wife to because she seems to have a hard time feeding the birds too ....... (just joking honey!)
To make the lid hinged I took 3 of the cabinet hinges I got from my father and placed those on the back as shown below. (Thanks dad!)
THe hinges work great and the irony is to much not to share, my father got the hinges from my grandmother's house and it's her house that I got my interest in raising chickens!
Anyways, This feed storage box has worked great for me over the last year with no theives being successful. It holds 250 lbs of feed (200 chicken and 50 wild bird) and when full will still slide on the cement fairly easily.
Thanks for your interest!
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