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    Honey- buff orpington

    Ember- rhode island red

    Blossom- silver laced wyandotte

    Clucker, Plucker, Bob- buff orpington/gold laced polishes. Daughters of Honey and Terrance.

    Tiny- albino d'uccle, top hen of the flock.

    Sky- cream legbar

    Sylvia- black silkie

    Madam Cluckington- blue laced red wyandotte

    River- chocolate orpington/silver laced wyandotte

    Pebbles, Ash- plymouth barred rocks

    Ripple- blue cochin

    Sadie- dark brahma

    Amelia Egghart- brown easter egger

    Attila the Hen- gold laced polish

    Katrina- lavender orpington

    Lily- mottled ancona

    Hermonie- new hampshire red

    Hedwig- rhode island white

    Señorita Bockman- blue laced red wyandotte

    Laurel- furness cochin

    Sally- barnevelder

    Pitch- ayam cemani

    Amber- gold penciled friesian

    Assassin- deathlayer

    Bluebell- blue copper marans

    Dogma- black jersey giant. Is the second-in-command hen.

    Lauren- red sex link. She randomly got left on a crazy chicken lady's doorstep in terrible condition. Now she is better though.

    Maybelline- golden laced wyandotte

    Chesta- serama mix, smallest chicken on the farm.

    (Insert name here)- d'uccle/golden laced wyandotte. Daughter of Maybelline and Albus.

    Stripes, Zebra, Scratch, Feathers, Fluff- barred cochins

    Speckles, Flower, Millie, Peck, Daisy- mille fleur cochins

    Goldy, Claw, Lacey, Hat, Dandelion- gold laced polishes

    Beauty, Poof, Spot, Pepper, Screech- silver laced polishes

    Midnight, Rose, Princess, Iris, Ebony- ayam cemanis

    Thistle, Cluck, Shadow, Sharp-Spurs, Raven- black sumatras

    Rocket- small, off-white bantam hen with a few faded brown feathers and a ripped comb


    (Insert name here)- d'uccle/golden laced wyandotte. Son of Maybelline and Albus.

    Flare- d'uccle/golden laced wyandotte (looks like a large, solid orange d'uccle with a large rose comb and lightly feathered legs). Son of Maybelline and Albus.

    Cluck Norris- buff orpington/yokohama

    Tucker- buff orpington/gold laced polish. Son of Honey and Terrance.

    Timmy- gold laced polish/white leghorn. His mother is Vanilla (though she abandoned him when he hatched) and his father is Terrance. Looks like a day old chick.

    Cory- white standard cochin. He has a major crush on River. He is very kind and shy.

    Albus- bantam d'uccle (he doesn't like to fight with the other roosters).


    Frosty- old english game bantam mix cockerel, Griffin's apprentice. Member of the rogue rooster flock.

    Griffin- faverolle mix rooster, leader of the rogue rooster flock.

    Snowfire- white leghorn rooster, member of the rogue rooster flock.

    Voldemort- feral black sumatra rooster

    Squatch- welsummer hen, was feral than was brought to the farm. She then ran away to join the rogue rooster flock.

    Blaze- buff brahma bantam cockerel. Master of disguise.


    Starlight- female ring-necked pheasant. Adopted brother is Snowfire. Most of the time, she hangs out with the rogue rooster flock.


    Finn- welsh harlequin (female)

    Bush- welsh harlequin (male)

    Penny- blue swedish (female)

    Pie- silver appleyard (female)

    Madam Quackington- saxony (female)

    Ally, Stella- welsh harlequin. Daughters of Finn and Bush. (all female)


    Thorn- embden goose (male)

    Willow- buff goose (female)

    Heather, Baldwin- embden/buff goose hybrids. Daughters of Willow and Thorn. (all female)

    Hagrid- embden/buff goose hybrid. Son of Willow and Thorn. (male)

    Arthur- feral embden goose, member of the rogue rooster flock. Brother of Thorn. (male)


    Coal- female

    Sandy- female

    Hoot- female

    Tom- male


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