This "make-shift coop was an existing building when we purchased our property. It's roughly an 8x8 and was previously used as a "junk holder". My wife decided she would use it for a "half way house" for the chicks until I had the new chicken house completed. She brought home pallets from work (I thought she was crazy) but she leveled the gravel floor and used the pallets as a base for the floor she made out of scrap planks and the same for the walls. As you see below, she also got a scrap "thing" from Lord knows where and covered the openings and made a door for easy access. She used this to implement additional birds to the clan. You will also see she made rough nesting boxes,, (although the chicks had MONTHS to go before THINKING about laying. The way I see it now,, these premature nest boxes has taught the hens where to lay. We have no issues with eggs on the floor, etc.