[FONT=book antiqua,palatino] Kentswold Chicks[/FONT]
Record of First Hatching [FONT=book antiqua,palatino] Day 1 (9/2/07 H-21)
Placed 24 eggs into the pre-heated Hova-Bator. Temp at 101, no hygrometer yet, but we've filled the resevoir and the vent caps are in. Each egg was numbered and a note was made about egg color and description.

Day 2 (9/3/07 H-20)
Temps stayed in the 99-102 range, had some problems keeping it consistently at 100-101. Still no hygrometer.

Day 3 (9/4/07 H-19)
Finally got the hygrometer and installed, temps have stabilized around 100-101, right where I'd like them. Humidity at 50 at installation, around 40 at bedtime. Refilled resevoir carefully. Candled egg #20. Very porous looking egg, no sign of anything.

Day 4 (9/5/07 H-18)
Temps staying 100-101, humidity hovering at 52-54. Will not refill resevoir until humidity gets down into 40s again. Candled eggs # 13 and 19. Greg candled #10. Can see the dark spot at the wide end, but no blood vessels still. Need to take pictures.

Day 5 (9/6/07 H-17)
Temps staying 100-101, humidity up to 57, aired it out to 50. Candled #1, 12 & 17.

Day 6 (9/7/07 H-16)
Temps staying 100-101, humidity up to 58, aired it out. Humidity is running towards high, so tooked out the red vents and soaked up a tiny bit of water from the resevoir. Candled #3, 23, 6 & 8. Doubted fertility of the eggs, and cracked 20. Definite veins and development of a chicken fetus.

Day 7 (9/8/07 H-15)
Temp 101-102, humidity up to 60, aired it out again. It's just plain humid out, and we can't do much about that.

Day 8 (9/9/07 H-14)
Temps staying 101-102, humidity in high 50s during the day, after dark dropped to the mid 50s.

Day 9 (9/10/07 H-13)
Temps staying 100-101, humidity up to down to 52.

Day 10 (9/11/07 H-12)
Temps staying 100-101, humidity at 40.

Day 11 (9/12/07 H-11)
Temps staying 100-101, humidity at 38, refilled resevoir, by bedtime, humidity back up into the 50s. Essentially half-way there... And it looks like we're rescuing a silver spangled hamburg roo.. What is wrong with us? :D