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Or Should I say Sink-U-Bator?​
[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]I made an incubator out of an old plastic sink and some stuff I had laying around here. I named it The-Sink-A-Bator
My pullets have just started to lay and I can't wait to check it out, so I got some store bought organic eggs to give test run.
I will also try a few of my eggs. My Cornish Rock has stopped laying for now she started out good 4 days in row 1 good and 3 with thin shells.
She"Tessie" has not layed now for 5 days or so . Hope she starts back up soon... UpDate: 8/31/09 "Tessie" layed again today!!!
Some pics of the bator & eggs I got. I'm going to let them get to room tempeture overnight and set them tomorrow 8/26/09


[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Two of the eggs in the fancy plastic "bullet proof" looking container had dents so I checkek them out for fertilization in the pan.[/FONT]

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]I made an egg candler out of a white lined tomato can. It works better than the pic shows.
The flash on the camera washes it out. I'll be checking the eggs in 10 days or so.
I will be updating the page as I go...
I marked the all the eggs. "P" for the ones in the plastic container, "C" for the cardboard container.
The two odd eggs in the back are mine. Right side is RIR left side is BSL will add 3 or 4 more of mine tomorrow.
I pluged the turner in but will not start Sink-U-Bating untill tomorrow...


Wed 8/26/09 @ 10:15 AM I Fired the Sink-A-Bator up. Will candel on 9/7/09 and post results...
8/26/09 12:57 Checking temp swings

12:57 heat on @ 99.1' 41% Hum
12:58 heat off @ 99.7 drifts up to 100.2' by 1:01 drops to 99.5 by 1:02
1:03 heat on @ 99.1'
1:05 heat off @ 99.7' drifts up to 100.2' by 1:06 drops to 99.5 by 1:08
1:10 heat on @ 99.1'
1:12 heat off @ 99.7 drifts up to 100.4' by 1:13 drops to 99.5 by 1:15
1:18 heat on @ 99.1'
1:19 heat off @ 99.7' drifts up to 100.5' by 1:21

9/10/09 I got rid of all the store bought eggs the other day none were fertile.

I do have 4 or 5 of my own eggs developing but not sure they will make it or not

Woo-Hoo !!! 9/15/09 I have two new chicks! The Sink-A-Bator Worked