7-11 Hatch-A-Bator


I decided to make another incubator to use as a hatcher. This way I will be able to add eggs to my other bator with the turner
and keep a steady batch going. That's the plan anyway. I used some of the same material I built my coop with. It's ulgy but should do the trick.
I started by buildindg a 24" X 24" box 14" tall. I will be using a hot water heater theromstat with two 15W light light bulbs for heat.

I found a way to make the hot water heater thermostat work way better. See Here If you drill three 1\8" holes in the housing the heat transfer is much faster
to the switch making it hold dead on temps yes point 5 of a degree! I also drilled a hole in the lid so that it can be adjusted with the lid closed." + or - .5 "
I go with two low watage bulbs in case one blows the other one will still carry the load and keep the temperature up. I also added a third socket for an 11 watt
viewing light. I mounted a bell box to the lid for wiring and will put a switch on the cover for the viewind light. I also put a handle on the lid to open the lid.


All wired up. Testing the night light. Screwdriver used to set the thermostat.

I used some 2" styrofoam insulation inside the box making the finished inside 20" X 20" X 12" tall. Testing the thermostat 99.7 close enough for for now...
I have four ventalation holes, the two in the lid and one 7/8" hole on each side of the box down by the bottom. It should breathe and work just fine.


Tomorrow I will be building a bottom rack and getting a water tray. I will use a long funnel to add water as needed to the tray through one of the top vent holes.
Here is a side view showing one of the bottom vevt holes. I'm using four small "chicken" baby food jars to support the bottom rack tin foil water tray under it.


Painted the outside with some flat balck house paint. Installed the right light bulbs. All done, I should have 5 or six eggs to set in a few more days.

I think I like this one better than the Sink-A-Bator it has a little more room inside.