I Think I May Have Chicken Fever!

I will be posting my progress here on my "Barred Rocks, Pullets" I hope?
Update come to find out they are all Black Sex Link chicks 1 pullet & 5 Cockerls !

I got the six of them at tractor supply 3/26/09 not sure what they are they came out of a tub marked mixed st. run.
They looked like Barred Rock chicks to me. That is all but one, not sure what it is, has black legs?
I checked the wing feathers and I think / hope they are all pullets time will tell...

I have them inside for now. Revamped rabbit cage.Solid bottom for the first week.
About 1 week old 3/30/09
I saw one drowned at Tractor Supply so
I put some blue stones / marbles in the water.
Think I'll call this one " turd head "

Jus-kiddin ;o)
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Will be adding more later on...
I Couldn't stand the wood shavings getting in the food and water.
I tried elevating them still a pain. So I put in a new 1/4"X1/4" wire bottom and
am using the rabbit catch pan for the droppings Much Better Now... :eek:)

What kind is the odd one?... All Sex Links

Got 4 RIR pullets

Got our 1st. Egg today!!! 8/11/09

It's A Double Yoke !

Time to make an incubator...

This is Flash one of mine BSL RIR X​