foldable wire dog crates - a good tool for every chickeneer

One of the best tools in my chickeneering toolbox.
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  1. aart
    I have several of these a medium, fold-able wire dog crates approx 24"L x 18"W x 21"H.
    Got them cheap(~$15-20) at flea markets and they are a great tool for many situations.

    Add 1x2 wire to the bottom and put tray underneath crate to observe poops and keep feet cleaner.
    Also easy to swap out trays for cleaning without handling bird.
    If 1x2 wire is carefully installed, tray can still be used inside crate if needed.
    Tray can also be used on top of crate for some weather protection if outside.

    An ill bird isolated for observation.

    Rigged feeder and waterer to hang outside crate,
    held by wire or metal pipe strap.

    Close up of HN screwed into smaller hole(1/4 or 5/16?)
    just far enough to seal threads and some left sticking out to clip onto crate wire.

    Work great as broody breaker cages too.(waterer was added after pic was taken)
    Broody break crate with feed and water.

    These were set up to photograph birds for sale.
    Also use them during slaughter of young cockerels and/or old hens.
    I usually 'catch' birds off roost at night after dark to put them in crates.

    Also used as a safe house for integrating different age groups of chicks.
    Later I removed crate door and reworked the front wire with one corner bent up to let small chicks in and out but older birds couldn't get in.


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  1. greggooo
    Will have to get some of those!!
  2. Peep_Show
    I use them for introducing new birds to the coop. After 10-14 days of the new bird being in the coop, visible, then open the door and it's a pretty seamless integration.
  3. TwoCrows
    These wire dog crates are a "must have" when keeping poultry. They come in handy for separation cages, hospital cages, jail cages, I have used them for quail breeding cages, broody breakers, just everything and anything! Love these cages!! And yes, they are not cheap, BUT...they last forever!
  4. drumstick diva
    I used to have a ton of crates even the old Kennel Aires - strong enough for a man to stand on(they claimed) but 1/2" x 1/2" strong wire mesh and exercise pens. Sold it all off because I needed the $$$(isn't that life!!)now couldn't even find stuff at any price made like the olden days - no joke. My old Kennel aire whelping pen with small openings but thick wire(?), had cover, a divider if desired, a hog rail I guess they'd call to keep mama dog from smooshing puppies. It would have had so much life used for others things & all gone just like my youth. :(
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  5. penny1960
    I have several myself old dog show handler here I keep a dozen close by
  6. Cluckcluck1215
    Awesome!I want a Silkie, might have to make a Broody Breaker!haha!Very good article though.I myself have a very large dog crate.Use a towel on the bottom.Its somewhat Bent so I cannot take the tray out.So I use towels.

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