Frodo and Sam

By dermerchickens · Jun 7, 2014 · ·
  1. dermerchickens
    I have two Cochins, Frodo and Sam! They are both named from the hobbit. They are 7 weeks old and I got them at a chicken swap! Here is some pictures of Frodo:


    [​IMG]I just love this picture! Frodo's expression is funny looking!!


    Frodo likes bananas, bread and watermelon a lot and I just love his neck and head coloring!


    Sam is the more easy-going one of the two. He also likes bananas, bread and watermelon and I love his coloring too!!

    Here is one of them together:
    [​IMG]I think this is my favorite chicken picture I have got so far, they were running from me and I got an 'action shot'!

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Cute pics and LOVE the names!:)

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