Mr. Fly- The White Leghorn

By dermerchickens · Jun 8, 2014 · ·
  1. dermerchickens
    I got five pure White Leghorns at a chicken swap, Mr. Fly is one of them. He is 7 weeks old and has some ah-mazing wattles!

    Mr. Fly cuddled up in my shirt one day! He was so cute! I love it when the little chicks chest-bump, they are cute! Mr. Fly and his flock of four (one Leghorn, and two Cochins) kill for watermelon! They see the piece land in their midst, and it's every chick for itself! Mr.Fly and the others have been free-ranging and living with the 12 week flock since 4 weeks! They also like bananas and strawberry, but NOTHING beats Watermelon! Except for fig bars, yes I said fig bars, my rooster, Buddy (12wks) loves fig-bars and that's the only thing he won't take forever to eat! Mr. Fly is also FAST and a champion at flying, as is Prince Charming. Anyways, you probably want to see this marvelous chicky, so here he is!


    [​IMG]Ha! You can see a Buff Orpington in the background, Mr.Fly does NOT want the spotlight taking, so focus on his beautiful comb instead!


    [​IMG]He likes to do funny things!

    I love Mr.Fly and really wish I didn't have to get rid of him!

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