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  1. ArizonaDesertChicks
    See How They Grow............

    We have two barred rock hens named Sugar & Spice.

    about 1 week old:

    7 weeks old
    14 weeks old:

    19 weeks old:


    Sugar and Spice at 22 weeks - Such social butterflys, it's hard to get them alone. They are now laying light brown eggs. Spice started laying at 21 weeks of age and has not missed a day yet. She has layed 1 egg per day for 16 days in a row now. Sugar started several days later and is trying to catch up.
    chickenseggs005.jpg chickenseggs001.jpg

    Our first three Easter Eggers;

    Cleopatra Sparrow Pippin
    10-29-08_1530.jpg 10-29-08_1536.jpg 10-29-08_15332.jpg
    7 weeks old -- Sparrow (top left) - Cleopatra (top right) - Pippin (bottom)

    Cleopatra (far left) & Sparrow (far right) - 15 weeks old Pippin, dustbathing - 14 weeks old
    newchickens005-1.jpg newchickens001.jpg
    Cleopatra - 18 weeks Pippin - 18 weeks
    gardenchickens008.jpg gardenchickens0111.jpg
    Both Cleopatra & Pippin are EE pullets and have similar coloring, but have a big difference in comb type (Pippin has the 3 row pea comb):
    Cleopatra - 19 weeks Pippin - 19 weeks

    gardenchickens004-1.jpg gardenchickens005.jpg
    gardenchickens004comb.jpg gardenchickens005comb.jpg
    Sparrow at 22 weeks of age - She just layed her first egg yesterday (23 weeks old) and it's a pretty bluish/green or mint color

    chickenseggs012.jpg chickenseggs002.jpg

    Pippin & Cleopatra at 21 1/2 weeks - Pippin has started to lay olive colored eggs. Pippin's comb at laying age - 21 1/2 weeks.
    gardenchickens002-5.jpg gardenchickens003-1.jpg

    a production red/rhode island red, named Merry (Merry & Pippin are characters in LOTR),

    1 week old
    7 weeks old (next to the the white leghorns)
    Production Red (hatchery RIR)- 18 weeks old - far right ---- She started laying at 22 weeks of age and is now laying pretty brown eggs.

    two barnevelders, Penny & Lacy;

    9 weeks of age

    Penny at 11 weeks of age Lacy (reddish chest) - 11 weeks of age
    barnevelder2-1.jpg Lacy1.jpg
    18 weeks of age (Penny's on the left, Lacy is on the right)

    Penny - 23 weeks Lacy - 22 weeks - note reddish chest

    gardenchickens013.jpg gardenchickens002-4.jpg
    Penny - 25 weeks old Lacy 25 weeks old

    chickenseggs0042.jpg chickenseggs003.jpg
    Penny - 25 weeks - shows the pretty lacing on her back


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  1. sljack2006
    I know this is an old post but thank you so much...was questioning to EE hen but I feel better now!
  2. ArizonaDesertChicks
    Sleeping Horse -- I'm betting you've already figured out what breed your chicken is since you posted so long ago (I just now noticed the comments here), but Sparrow is an Easter Egger.
  3. Sleepinghorse
    Great photos. I have a chook that made herself at home at my house and I have been wondering what breed she is. She looks the same as Sparrow (is she the one standing in front of the white chook in the photo on the right half way down with the orangey coloured collar). Could you tell me what breed Sparrow is?
    I have a picture of mine (Hannah Hen) as the header of my blog if you want to see what she looks like. I would love it if someone could help me.
  4. Daloorashens
    Cool pics of how they change as they age!

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