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We Have Eggs

  1. ArizonaDesertChicks
    I'm so excited! Our pullets are finally laying (March, 2009).

    Here's the list from our first 10 layers:

    Breed (name) age 1st. egg laid egg color

    Barred Rock (Spice) 21 weeks brown
    Easter egger (Pippin) 21 weeks green (light olive)

    Barred rock (Sugar) 21 weeks light brown

    White leghorn (Hunter) 22 weeks white
    White leghorn (Gabrielle) 22 weeks white

    Production red (Merry) 23 weeks brown (darker than the BR eggs)

    Easter egger (Sparrow) 23 weeks bluish green (minty?)

    Easter egger (Cleopatra) 24 weeks green (light olive)

    Barnevelder (Lacy) 27 weeks brown (darker than the BR eggs)

    Barnevelder (Penny) 27 weeks dark brown (darkest egg layer of the flock)

    Going clockwise: First 3 eggs were laid by our 3 easter eggers, the next two white ones were laid by
    the 2 white leghorns, the next 2 eggs were laid by the 2 barnevelders, then a production red egg, and
    the last two light brown eggs were laid by our 2 barred rocks.


    Out of ten laying hens, we are getting 8-10 eggs a day with an occasional double yolker thrown in.

    The barnevelders are each laying 3-4 eggs a week - all the other hens are laying an egg a day.


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