Golden Laced Bantam Cochins
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With many Thanx to Master Breeder Bernita Miller, I am pleased to present Midas and Marigold, my first Golden Laced Cochins! They will both play integral roles in the Coopa Cabana Cochin breeding projects. Stay tuned!

My first little M&M's from Midas & Marigold (hatched 5/22/10), with hopefully many more to come!:

In Spring of 2010, I hatched a total of 8 M&M chicks: 6 female and 2 males. I have kept 2 pullets and one cockerel:
This is Calypso (at 1 month; 2 months; 3 months; 4 months; 5 months). I didn't know what to make of his coloring as a chick, but something told me to hold on to him, and I'm glad I did. He's lost most of his white 'ticking'; I'm hoping the rest of the white disappears as he matures.

This is Goldilocks (at 3 months; 3 months; 4 months; 4 months; 11 months):

In 2011, my focus is to improve the lacing in the females.