Thought I'd tell everyone about me and mine. My husband is a street evangelist who goes out on the streets of Bakersfied and other towns of California, talking with and praying for people he meets. He prays in front of schools, government buildings, police and fire departments, hospitals, court houses and just anywhere people are. He carries a 10 ft. cross (it has a wheel) just to remind people of what he likes to call "God's plus sign". You know, any trouble plus the cross equals victory. We've three grown children here in California and one in Texas. Two are married. Two not yet. Six grandkids, one of which I help home school and is helping me with the chickens. We've got 1 New Hampshire Red, 1 Rhode Island Red, 1 Australorp, 1 white leghorn, 1 delaware, 1 bantam black silkie, 5 bobwhite quail, an oeg hen and an ee pullet almost ready to start laying. All our chickens are girls cause we like eggs. Also because we are truly a backyard chicken farm. No roosters allowed because of the crowing though the delaware shreiks just like a velosauraptor in Jurassic Park. But so far, no complaints from the neighbors (free eggs and fertilizer help). We also have 8 bunnies, assorted breeds; two dogs, three cats, a cockatiel who wolf whistles (great for the ego), two parakeets, two finches, two turtles, two guinea pigs, two mice and a hampster. We are the neighborhood petting zoo. Besides taking care of the menagerie, I like to do crossword puzzles in ink, Sudoku, read journals and biographies, and most fun of all play Scrabble with DH. Life gets better and better, especially after the kids have grown.Here are 4 of my ladies (clockwise from top: Lilly, Liddy, Chicken Little, and Lucy), our eggs including the one on the left from the silkie banty, and Gemma with Lilly as a youngster.