Homemade brooder/Hatcher

By Katsol · Apr 30, 2019 · ·
  1. Katsol
    This simple idea has done such a great job I thought I’d share! My husband built this large wooden crate box for brooding the baby ducks/chickens. There’s a divider inside just for incubator/hatching before moving the chicks over to the nursery side. We put a light bulb near the top and also an electric brooder for the chicks to keep warm under. Plenty space in there for them to run around, feeding station etc and we put puppy training pads down for easy cleaning.(also has a lid when not in use). 6C882E03-87E1-4CA6-9438-60D289A938E5.jpeg
    We found them really easy to have in the house for the first 4 weeks but then they do start to wiff a bit after that. Because it’s so cold here in Ireland I daren't put them out too soon, even though we have a secure baby coop outdoors, it’s still cold most of the year so I have to suffer extra clean-outs to make sure they don’t stink up our house and wean them off the heat until week 6 when they’re much bigger and have their feathers so can stand going outside.

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  1. WannaBeHillBilly
    "I am confused…"
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    That looks like an excellent piece of craftsmanship! Four stars for that.
    But a Brooder/Hatcher combination? How do you maintain the high humidity, necessary for hatching?
    And is the lamp used for light or for heat? - Because you also have a heat-pad inside the brooder part. That is a very interesting combination, i have seen Incubator/Hatcher combos. Please give us more details and more pictures! Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. N F C
    I was under the impression the heat plate was to do away with the need for an additional heat lamp. Is that not correct? I'm asking because heat plates are an unknown to me. Thanks!
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