Homemade Chick Feeder From Empty Cd Container

  1. coberdor
    Here is my homemade chick feeder. I used 1 empty CD container, 1 empty cream cheese container (plastic cup would work too) and my handy drill.
    Completely free.
    It took 5 minutes to make.

    Here it is on top of my homemade brooder. I used an old console stereo, gutted it, fixed the lamp to the ceiling, replaced the old material for the speakers with screening, added the background from an old aquarium, done.

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  1. Kdesautell
    I'm a bit confused too. Food inside or outside the inner cup? Thanks!!
  2. teneyck farms
  3. dorothy12
    I thank its o k
  4. clevetromba
    Hmmm, I don't have chicks yet so maybe the function is obvious to others, but not to me. How do you fill it, and how does it work?
  5. gander007
    I think I'll have to try this and see how it works,,,, Good use of otherwise useless daubery ........
  6. StaceySwinkels
    Love it! This is one of my favorites that I've seen so far!
  7. Tmmv1
    Great idea.
    I am assuming the feed goes on the outside of the cream cheese container.
  8. quinnthebin
    great simple idea but similar question to last two posters - does the food go inside the cream cheese container or is it there to help push the food to the outside?
  9. 6TheChickenKid6
    i have the same problem/question????^^^^^
  10. spoonst
    Can you show it filled with food? I am confused about why you need the cream cheese container? Does the food just spill out of the holes in the CD container onto the ground? Thanks!
  11. allygb99
    hehe the CDs will not have home tonight ..........................
  12. RawrOsaur200
  13. wolffschickies6
    wow great idea!!!
  14. Stumpy
    I like everything! I think I will retrieve that empty CD thingy out of my trash can.....
  15. kristenm1975
    I love it! Saves cleaning chick poo and shavings out of the feeder 50 times a day. Sweet!
  16. Lynard
    I love your "use what you have" approach! I can't decide whick is my favorite idea; the reused cosole or aquarium backround!

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