How to best help your backyard chicken community and your own flock.

  1. Goatcrazychickengirl
    Hey! I'm relatively new to backyard chickens but I have been into chickens, poultry, goats, and even horses for a few years now. I love the backyard chickens website and have a great "pay it forward" idea to make sure that I, and other folks a backyard chickens can get the best out of our small farm experience! For every helpful peice you receive try to share some of your knowledge with someone in need! it could just save the life of some of our feathered friends! And the more you do this the better off you and your flock will be! Just though I would share this and invite anyone else to share their ideas. The more you know the more places you'll go right? And of course kindness goes a long ways!

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  1. MROO
    "And THAT is what BYC is all about! Pretty Cool!"
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    1. Goatcrazychickengirl
      Thank you for the compliment!


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