Help! Chicks at risk!

Please help with my unborn chicks!
  1. Goatcrazychickengirl
    So I had a hen a hen go broody, let her sit on some eggs, she was a great mother, I candled the eggs and they were developing perfectly. I have been efficient in hatching chicks the "natural" way but have not had ANY experiance in incubating. So it is with great panic that I realized my brrody hen is dead. There are feathers everywhere of her particular pattern and she is no longer on her eggs, also it looks like she has cracked one of them wich shows that she had not carefully removed herself from the nest but had been forced 15587520208017339232621393393664.jpg . The eggs were slightly warm and I candled them to see that they were still alive. I knew it was a long shot but I have placed them in my mini experimental incubator. I found the temp to set, set it, filled the water tray, placed the eggs inside, and closed the lid. This is a far as I know what to do and I really need tips and pointers and emergency chicken info now!!! I'll send pics of the incubator, can anyone identify it? Do they know how to use it?

    The pictures the pictures are of each egg candled and of the incubator 20190525_203438.jpg 20190525_203515.jpg 20190525_203406.jpg 15587520208017339232621393393664.jpg

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  1. Goatcrazychickengirl
    Just one last update! I've edited my article to make it seem less extremely urgent and to provide my candling photos.
  2. Goatcrazychickengirl
    Thanks for the help!
  3. MROO
    First - Breathe! You've got this! Did you post on the incubating or emergencies forums, yet? You'll get help, there. Lots of us have had to "finish off" broody eggs in an incubator. You can do it.
    1. Goatcrazychickengirl
      Thanks you for the support, I've just candled them, and I realize that they were not as far along as I though in some cases. Usually I let the hen do everything and dont involve myself other than to check her health, and the condition of her bedding. So I was surprised to discover the chicks at very different stages of incubation I'll be posting pictures (I apologize for their less than amazing quality) momentarily
  4. Yorkshire Coop
    1. Goatcrazychickengirl
      Thank you, I'm new to this website (well not exactly but I have not used its controls very often) and could not understand how to post a "thread". I've figured it out now though (with your help and others) should I post one now?
  5. GEESES Peanut Butter Cup

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