How to catch and return a chicken!

Learn the right way to catch and pick up a chicken, as well as how to return your beautiful or handsome baby!
By RAsChickens · May 21, 2017 · ·
  1. RAsChickens
    We all need to catch our babies for one reason or another. Today, I will tell you the best way to catch a chicken, even if he/she is under the coop!

    Wear clothes you can get dirty!

    Wear clothes you don't mind getting covered in poop and dirt! Ladies, tie your hair back!

    Get the chicken you want to catch in a confined area!

    Use boards to block off under the coop after you get the desired chicken out from under it (or under it)

    How to actually catch the chicken!

    This can be done under the coop, in the coop, or on a roost or something in the run also!
    Get the chicken into a corner and gently but firmly grab his/her tail. Make sure you grab at least 6 feathers to avoid hurting the chicken. Place your other hand on the chickens breast (NOT neck) slide your hand under their bum, and pick them up! As soon as you are standing up straight, hold them sideways against you, and make sure their wings are secure and flush against their bodies.

    Returning the chicken!
    Hold the chicken with his/her butt about 6" away from you. DO NOT hold down the wings or allow the chicken to have anything under their feet. Make sure the chicken has a good and wide landing area. Then, swing them back once, and when you swing forward, let go! The chicken will automatically fly about 6-8 feet and land, so make sure the landing spot is 6-8 feet away from you, soft in case they fall forward when they land, and free of waterers, feeders, other chickens, sharp things, you get the point! If a chicken falls when they land, they usually pop back up within a few seconds and go on with their day. Give them a treat such as a few mealworms or a fistfull or scratch for their troubles!

    Any questions, concerns, incorrect information, etc? Comment down below!

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    Woo Hoo! This is my first article! I'm pretty happy with it! Thanks for reading guys!
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      Great first article! It just needs a picture to make it complete!
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