BYC Page Creation Tool
BYC has an amazing community ofl 63,080... no wait... 63,081... oh... now it is 68,082 tremendously smart and experienced members. We've got a great forum, but a forum isn't always the best way to organize helpful information.

For this reason we've created the "BYC Page Creation" tool.
This will give you the ability to use a slick editor to create your own pages to share with the world. One of the most common uses for this great tool is for members to create BYC Coop Pages to be added to the site.
If you are logged into the forum, you already have access to the editor and if you can use Microsoft Word... you should be able to use this tool.
Here is how you you can create a Page on BYC:
  1. Make sure you are logged into the forum.
  2. Click in the main menu (dark blue, white text) at the top of the screen on "My Page"
  3. Your page editor will load up where you can begin typing and adding pictures.
Here is a demo of how to use the tool:
If you have questions, problems, or feedback, please post them here:
The video above shows the easiest way to add images to your BYC pages. If you can't see the video here is how you can add an image to your Personal Pages (NOTE: The process is different from adding pictures to the forum):
How to add pictures using the BYC Page Creation Tool:

1) Upload your images using the BYC image upload tool or to any image hosting / storage service.
2) Copy the image URL for the image (something like )
3) Within the BYC editor click on the "Insert Image" icon
4) Paste the image URL in the field called "Image URL"
5) Add a description and Title then click "Insert"
The BYC Page Tool uses DIFFERENT image codes from what the forum uses.
In the forum, to post an image you use the image

When you post pics using this BYC Page Editor you ONLY post the image URL like this:
You'll notice there are NO img tags in the link to the image.
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