How to make a thread for "newbies"!!!!!!

An article to help people post threads!!
By Hybridchucks · Jun 4, 2017 · ·
  1. Hybridchucks
    I am making this article coz i have had SO much trouble finding out how to make a thread....and when others ask, i want to help.....but i didn't know how myself lol!
    So here is how to make a thread (discussion)!!! I hope you all enjoy, i hope its clear to read and I hope it helps people!!
    Enjoy!!!! :thumbsup

    First of all look at the titles on top, they say......

    Click on forums.... DSC03871.jpg Then there is a list of forum types.... DSC03874.jpg DSC03877.jpg DSC03878.jpg DSC03875.jpg DSC03876.jpg

    and so on the one you want to base the thread on....:)

    lets just say you are using "Incubating and Hatching Eggs"...... DSC03880.jpg

    You see the blue button on the right of the screen that says "Post New Thread"? Tap that rectangle!!!! lol :pop

    You got it GURL!!! (or boy lol):bun:bun:bun

    Then type in the details and post!!!!!
    You did it!!!:woot

    I hope this helps you guys! :)


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  1. Peaky
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I've been wondering how to do this for almost a year. !!!!!!!
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  2. Peaky
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I've been wondering how to do this for almost a year. !!!!!!!
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    1. Hybridchucks
      Thank you! Glad I could help! :hugs
  3. SuziQ18
    I also want to thank you for showing us newbies the ropes in posting, asking questions, etc. I was kind of pulling my hair out of frustration a bit trying to navigate where to put stuff/find stuff, and probably posted stuff in the wrong place. Thanks so much. Now...onto FORUMS!! Crazy Chicken Lady over and out!
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    1. Hybridchucks
      Thank you!
      I am so glad it helped you! *hugs* :)
  4. Woytgirl
    Welcome :)
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  5. sassysarah123
    You are welcome!
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  6. Hybridchucks
    Thank you everyone!!!! :love:hugs:woot
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  7. Woytgirl
    Awesome job!! :DYou made it very clear!! When I first started I didn't find one as explanatory and it was kinda confusing.
  8. The Angry Hen
    Great job! You helped me a bit! Lol!!!!!
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  9. Leah567
    Great article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. sassysarah123
    You 're welcome! It's great!
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  11. sassysarah123
    This is a great article! I am sure it will help lots of people!
    Great idea! :thumbsup:goodpost::goodpost::goodpost::goodpost:
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