Update on My Poultry.

By Hybridchucks · Apr 16, 2018 · ·
  1. Hybridchucks
    I have 11 hens and 3 ducks (drake included ).:jumpy

    Queeny =
    IMG_3351.jpg IMG_3336.jpg
    Ruby =
    IMG_3357.jpg IMG_3334.jpg

    Gabby/Gabriella :p =
    IMG_3433.jpg IMG_3427.jpg IMG_3430.jpg IMG_3448.jpg IMG_3434.jpg

    Polly =

    DSC03737.jpg DSC03741.jpg

    Alexa =

    IMG_3404.jpg IMG_3387.jpg IMG_3385.jpg

    Rowen =

    Elsa =
    IMG_3397.jpg IMG_3391.jpg

    Anna = IMG_3399.jpg

    Scarlet =
    DSC04288 (1).jpg IMG_3349.jpg
    *in front*

    Charlotte = IMG_3364.jpg IMG_3346.jpg

    Ronda :)lol:) =

    Claudia (right) and Caramel (left) are the Khaki Campbell ducks =

    Pippin, my Call drake =

    That's all for now, folks :lol:


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  1. Ducksandchickens
    Cute flock!
      Hybridchucks likes this.
    1. Hybridchucks
  2. Abriana
    Aw what a lovely flock tovveh! And pippin is just way too cute.
    1. Hybridchucks
      Thanks Abri! He is XD
      Im hopefully getting a BO rooster and a hen or two :wee :wee
      Ducksandchickens likes this.

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