Having trouble taking good pictures of your chickens? Or are you getting a myriad of blurry photos? Well, I'm going to give you some ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to take extravagant and amazing photos.
First, how can you avoid blurry photos? One helpful thing is too have a camera that takes pictures quickly. If you don't have one, take lots of pictures, that way, at least a few won't be blurry! Also, with the high-tech programs we have these days I'm sure you can get a program that will make photos less or not blurry.
Okay, so a lot of times people have trouble taking pictures of their chickens because they are so active. Well, that does make it more difficult. One thing I would recommend for that is take pictures while your holding them. That way, you can make them hold somewhat still and their not busy foraging. Here's an example of one of my pictures taken while holding a chicken:

It may not seem like it, but I was actually holding the chicken while doing that.
Here's another tip. Take LOTS of photos. Sometimes when chickens are moving so much you just need to incessantly take pictures and some might turn out good. Here's an example of one of these:

This was the only good picture that turned out in that photo shoot, I'm so glad I took so many!
If you do those and you expect to get spectacular pictures and you don't; here's some more ideas. I often do "Photo shoots." I take one chicken out of the coop/run and walk around the lawn and find nice places to take pictures of my chickens. Usually, I try and use the surroundings around me to match the color of my chicken. Here's an example:

Notice how I matched (it's a bit hard to tell though..) the brown feathers on my Mille Fleur d'Uccles plumage with the color of the wood. Also, I matched the white feathers with the snow and the sky. In photo shoots, I also wanted to mention, it's a good idea to put your chickens in beautiful, odd, or even random places. Here's an example:

Notice how I put my chicken on my ladder, this is an example of an odd place!

Here is another example of how I used the surroundings to make a good picture. This photo was taken on top of an outdoor brooder.
You might be wondering, I want to do these, but I just have chicks. Here's an idea: take the chicks out of the brooder and take pictures. Warning: be very careful and realize how fragile chicks. Here's an example of how I did that:

This picture is a lot better than it would have been if I took it in the brooder!
I will list a few chicken photography techniques. Take pictures that reflect the chicken's personality. An example of this is this close up of my hen, Dannielle:

Another thing, don't think inside the box and just take pictures of your chickens. Think outside the box and try different things. Here is an example of how I did that:

I used this technique in how I got a perspective from the ground.
One thing I'd like to mention is: don't you hate it when you take a perfect picture and a shadow practically ruins it? Unfortunately, there's not much advice I can give to eliminate that problem besides avoiding places that have shadows. But, you can use shadows to your advantage. Here is an example of it:

Notice how you can't seen much of what my hen looks like in the photo. I like how it gives the shape of the chicken, but not other details. This kind of thing can make an excellent picture. Also, you can make excellent photos by getting a picture of one of your chickens with their shadow also (like the example I used for the taking lots of pictures one).
I'll let you know my favorite thing to do that makes great pictures. Add beautiful surroundings! My main thing I'm talking about it flowers, as they are a natural beauty and make amazing pictures when chickens are next to them. Here's one that I did:

If you go through this and none of these work. Consider getting a new camera! My pictures used to be terrible, but since I got a new camera they have improved a lot!
I'll summarize what I said:
  • Take more pictures because that way you'll have more that will be good
  • Take pictures while holding the chicken
  • Do photo shoots
  • Blend colors of chicken with other things in its surroundings
  • Use things around your lawn to make good pictures
  • With chicks, it's best to take them out of the brooder for pictures
  • Reflect chickens personalities in their pictures
  • Think out of the box
  • Use shadows positively in your pictures
  • Use natural beauties in your pictures.
Taking pictures of chickens is fun and it helps others see the beauty of your chickens or even chickens in general! So be creative, use techniques, and don't give up!
I hope this will help you improve your photos a little or even completely! Feel free to leave a comment below. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!