Blue X Blue does not give 100% Blues
Actually this is the way their matings go:
Blue X Blue = 50% Blue, 25% Black , 25% Splash

Blue X Splash = 50% Blue , 50% Splash
Blue X Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black
Black X Black = 100% Black
Splash X Black = 100% Blue
Splash X Splash = 100% Splash

Only way to hypothetically get 100% Blue, is to do Black X Splash.

silkied splash x silkied splash = 100% silkied splash

silkied splash x smooth black = 100% smooth blue, carrying silkie gene

silkied splash x smooth blue = 50% blue, 50% splash, with 100% smooth feathered, carrying silkie gene

silkied splash x f1 black = 100% blue, with 50% smooth carrying the silkie gene, 50% silkied

silkied splash x f1 blue = 50% blue, 50% splash, with 50% smooth carrying the silkie gene, 50% silkied

f1 blue x f1 black = 50% black, 50% blue, with 25% smooth and not carrying silkie gene, 50% smooth but carrying the gene, and 25% silkied

f1 blue x f1 blue = 25% black, 50% blue, 25% splash, with 25% smooth and not carrying silkie gene, 50% smooth but carrying the gene, and 25% silkied

Cross her(Black Mottled D'Ucccle with a black roo = F1 offspring that are black

Back cross a black F1 male to his mottled mother= BC1 offspring which will be black or they will be black and mottled.

I did my test twice - once with 1/2 c. salt & 1/2 c. water - the next time with 1/2 c. salt & 1/4 c. water - same results both times. I placed the mixture in a mug and then put the mug and hygrometer into a ziploc bag.

Fix water heater themostat: … dification


Dosage Chart

These are the recommended dosages for Poultry and Game Birds. Available are the medications and dosage amounts we use on the farm. For whatever reason if you ever have any bad effects from these dosages discontinue use and contact a Vet at once.



Chronic Respiratory Disease
Run LS 50 for 1st 14 days of life; 1 shot (.5cc subcutaneous) @ 7 days, wait at least 4 weeks 2nd vaccination, annual booster.
Coryza 1st shot (.5cc intramuscular) @ 3 weeks old-wait at least 4 weeks before 2nd vaccination, annual booster.
Marek's Disease .2ml subcutaneously at 1 day old to prevent range paralysis (not useful after 1 day of age)
Poxine Vaccinate with web pricking needle provided anytime after 6 weeks of age to prevent fowl pox, booster annually.
Newcastle-Bronchitis 1 day old or older, mix in drinking water or intranasal/intraocular, effective for 90 days only!
Penicillin antibiotic, 1/2cc for 3 to 5 days for wound infection, use 3cc's orally 3-5 for cholera
Ivomec 1/8-1/4cc orally for round, cecal, gape, capillary, lung, and stomach worms. Does not kill tape worms. Does kill some lice and mites.
La200/ Durvet 72 200 1 cc orally & 1 cc intramuscular twice daily for 5-7 days, broad spectrum time release antibiotic.
Omnimycin CRD antibiotic: 1/2cc for 3 to 5 days
Valbazen 1/8cc-1/4cc orally for tape womers. Does not kill round of Cecal worms.
B15 1/10 to 2/10ths for 3 days
Tylan 50 Respiratory antibiotic, 1/2cc subcutaneously and 1/2cc in the breast for 7-10 days to treat CRD.
Vitamins A&D 1/4cc intramuscular once every2-3 weeks in brood stock to improve fertility and hatchability.
Vitamin B- Complex 1/2cc intramuscular daily to increase appetite and energy.
Spectram Injectable Respiratory antibiotic, 1/2cc subcutaneously and 1/2cc in the breast for 7 to 10 days to treat CRD.
Vitamin B-12 1/2cc intramuscular daily to increase appetite and energy.
Tablet and Capsules
Fish Mox (pennicillin) 1 capsule per day for 5 days to treat wound infections and other infections sensitive to penicillin.
Fishzole 1 tablet per day to help treat canker
Wormazole 1 tablet, then repeat in 10 days for treatment of round, Cecal and tapeworms
Vitamins B12 100mg 1 tablet daily to increase appetite and energy
Vitamin K 250mg 1 table daily for 3-5 days, blood coagulatant- helps stop bleeding.
Cod Liver Oil Capsules 1 tablet 2-3 times per week, great source of A&D
Corid For coccidiosis: 1t per G of water for 3 days, then 3 days ASP vitamins, followed by 3 days of Dimethox at t per G of water.
Aureomycin/CTC 1T per G of water for 10-14 days minimum, combine 1/2t vitamin or 1 cup cranberry juice. May be combined with 1/2 to 2t Erymycin for respiratory problems.
Bacitracin/Solutracin 1t per G of water combined with 1/2t Neomycin for 5-7 days- treats intestinal problems and diahrea.
Copper Sulfate 1/8t per G of water 1 to 2 days a month to kill algea and protozoans in water.
Permethrin 10% 21/2 T per 2 gallons of water (or 8 oz mixed in 121/2 G of water. Dip birds until completely saturated (except head) Wear disposable gloves and eye protection.
Electrlyte Pak 1t per G of water 3-5 days during perios of heat stress or after medicating birds. Help to rehydrate and balances minerals in blood.
Gallimycin/Erymycin 1/2 to 2 t per G of water depending on severity of the CRD symptoms. Minimum of 10-14 days recommended
ASP Vita-Pak Concentrated vitamins and electrolytes. 1/4t per G of water, for 1-14 days of life. then 2 or 3 days a week. Can be added to wet feed.
LS-50 1t per G of water during 1st 14 days of life for respiratory problems (CRD) use 1t per G of water for minimum of 7-10 days.
Neomycin/ Neo-Sol 1.2t per G of water combined with 1t Bacitracin for 5-7 days. Treats intestinal problems including diahrea.
Wazine 17 percent Mix 2 fluid oz with 2 G of water to treat 100 birds over 6 weeks of age. Wazine also comes in a 34% solution.
Tylan Water Soluable 1t per G of water for respiratory (CRD)symptoms, Minimum of 7-10 days .
Terramycin/ Tet Sol 1T per G of water for 10-14 daysminimum, combine 1/4t vitamins or 1 cup cranberry juice. May be combined with Erymycin for respiratory problems
Sulfadimethoxine Soluable 1t per G of water for 5 days for coccidiosis, coryza, e coli, salmonella
Anti Pick Lotion Apply topically to reduce feather pciking
Chalk Apply to spur after cutting to reduce bleeding
Earmite Medication Apply several drops in the ear twice daily for 2-3 days.
Cod Liver Oil 1T per G of feed once a week for adult fowl as a vitamin A&D supplement.
Tek-Trol Concentrate 1/2 ounce (1T) per G of water for disinfecting premises, incubators etc.
Red Cell 1T per G of feed; may be combined with 1T cod liver oil or 1T wheat germ oil.
Red Kote w/Dauber Apply liberally to legs to prevent and treat scaly leg. Will also enhance leg condition and color.
Scarlet Oil Spray Apply liberally to the legs to prevent and treat scaly leg. Will also enhance leg condition and color.
Vet Rx Inhalant for respiratory problems; 1 drop under wings and chest or may be added to the drinking water per instructions.

Please Note: T =tablespoon, t=teaspoon, G=Gallon, cc and ml are synonymous terms.

Edited to add: I was injecting my standard size pullets with 1/2cc. I would assume you would want to do your 3 month pullets less. I believe that I read 1/4cc. Good luck.

Found my Dr. Les handbook and it recommends Tylan 50 or Tylan 200 - which he says works best as an injectable but can also be given orally with slower results. He indicates there is also a water soluble Tylan 50. For Tylan 50, Peter Brown recommends 1/2 cc for standard and 1/4 cc for very small bantams.

Dr. Les prefers LS-50 or Lincomycin-Spectinomycin (generic) for Chronic Respiratory Disease - when the chickens have the swollen heads, lots of mucus and sneezing. They are both water soluble and are mixed 1 tsp to one gallon of water and treat for a full 4 days after all symptoms are gone.

Self Blue does breed true though.
Lavendar is based on the lav gene. It is a true breeding form of Blue called Self Blue, and is absent of lacing. When breeding lavendar you breed Lavendar to Lavendar you get 100% lavendar chicks. Many breeders cross Lavendar with Black, all resulting offspring are black, then breed those offspring back to each other to get back to lavendar. lavendar is often associated with poor feather width, and poor feather quality thus the occasional cross to balck to improve those traits.

Blue is whole different story.
Blue is a incomplete dominant mutation of Black. It takes two copies of genes to create most colors along with other determing factors but with blue for instance the natural form in a recessive state bl results in black when two copies are present, the mutation incompletly dominant Bl results in a splash when two copies are present and when the two are combined as Bl / bl you get Blue.
So to think of it this way when breeding Blue
bl/bl = Black
Bl/bl = Blue
Bl / Bl = Splash

This form of blue is laced with a darker shade of blue. One should breed for an even shade of blue. You will get your best color by breeding Blue to Blue and be able to maintain proper lacing and a more uniform color through out the birds body in this manner.
when Breeding Black x Splash all teh resulting offspring will be blue in color however will vary widely in color quality and are often un-even in color and begin to loose lacing as this created by the presence of other genes you cannot see when using Black and Splash.


Test the hygrometer's
Mine is digital. You put it in a large zip bag with a cup containing 1/2 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of water (making sure they are not touching) for 12 hours. Then you see what it says the humidity is. It SHOULD say 75%. If it is off one way or the other you know how much to adjust for the reading in the incubator. For instance, if it says 70% in the bag, remember to add 5% to the reading when it's in the incubator.
Place Morton Canning salt (a few tablespoons worth) in a small mug, glass, or container and mix in some distilled water. Make sure you do not dissolve the salt. The desired result should be a “sludgy”, “gooey”, semi-solid mixture.

Place this mixture inside a zip lock bag (I prefer sliding lock to ensure complete closure) with your hygrometer inside. Make sure the hygrometer is facing up (so you can read it) and that no water or mixture comes in contact with the meter (this will throw off readings). Now seal this zip lock bag with an even larger bag to ensure that no additional air may enter in.
This is a Fawkes Feathers Recipe:

In a 5 gallon bucket, fill approximately 3/4 full with base feed and add:
1 cup crimped oats
1 cup crimped barley
1 cup wheat
1/2 cup safflower seeds
3/4 cup sunflower chips
1/2 cup flax seeds
1 scoop Manna Pro Sho-Glo
1 heaping tablespoon Brewer's Yeast & Garlic Powder
Mix together well, and add:
1/2 cup wheat germ oil blend or vegetable oil
1/4 cup Red Cell
Mix together very well to distribute oil and red cell evenly.