1. emmakate
    761E8685-1027-41A7-BFCC-FBA98A07EE4B.jpeg 4C0EFC20-8975-450F-B235-BF4CC23ABCC6.jpeg View attachment 1771691 i candled this robin egg and i’m wondering if it’s alive. there are veins on one side but not the other side. a very tiny bit of nutrients i’m guessing oozed out a little bit yesterday but i wiped it off and put some unscented candle wax on it to seal it. i’m keeping it wrapped in a dry washcloth under a heat lamp.

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  1. le_bwah
    Eggs should not ooze. Also, a heat lamp is not the same thing as an incubator.

    My bet is that the fetus has died inside the egg, and all you'd be doing by continuing to heat it is create a sad, stinky mess. It's time to let the egg go.
    1. emmakate
      aw that’s really disappointing to hear. i found it in the middle of the road along with another egg with half the shell missing. i looked up what to do and it said to just wrap in in a washcloth under a heat lamp or a light bulb. i don’t have an incubator or else i would’ve used that :(

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