1. M


    I believe I have a Columbian Rock chick and a Speckled Sussex Chick. I was wondering if anyone has a guess as to what sex they are? They are around 4-5 weeks old. Hope these pictures are good.
  2. cadenrupp

    What Breed of Chicken is this?

    After receiving the chicks we ordered in the mail, we noticed that we were given an extra chick and wanted to ask if anybody knew what breed it is. They are two weeks old. Any help is appreciated.
  3. CocoPopz

    What colours do you think these silkies will be?

    I have 8 lovely silkie chicks that hatched today. 2 black 2 paint (I think) 2 partridge (the chipmunk striped ones??) And 2 unsure but they’re light brown and medium brown colour, any idea on the colour when they grow up? Thank you. Also it’s confusing so the cockerel was black running with...
  4. E

    goslings and chicks

    hello, recently i got 10 chicks and 2 goslings the lady at the store said it’s alright to keep them in the same brooder so i’m doing so but now i’m having trouble with what to do with water, because goslings need to dip their head in the water but chicks might drown any tips would be great thank...
  5. black_cat

    I have a cat and am concerned about getting chicks, any tips on how to separate them?

    I have searched high and low for started pullets that can come at the times that I need (every link on 10 pages of google) but have come up empty handed. I would LOVE to raise chicks, but am concerned about getting them because of my cat. He has a reputation for giving lovely gifts of dead (or...
  6. angela hernandez

    what breed and gender are these bantams?

    we recently got four chicks from a local store, we got two orpington pullets and two straight run bantams. i do believe the little black one is a barred rock bantam, i’m not sure about the other. and gender wise i have no idea for either two. could you guys help.
  7. S

    Chick with Bumblefoot

    Hi, I recently got 5 silkie chicks and when I brought them home I was examining them for any health issues and noticed one of them has what seems to be Bumblefoot. Is it possible for young chicks to get Bumblefoot? If so do you know what I can do to help. I’ve so far tried to soak their foot in...
  8. Kmackenzie

    Buff cockerel??

    Hey guys!! I realize I am jumping the gun on sexing as my guy is only about 2-3 weeks old. But...I am suspecting this fella is a cockerel! this is based on comparison with his suspected “pullet” sister’s appearance characteristics. She doesn’t have as pronounced comb and legs are much more...
  9. S

    Baby chicks seem like they hate me

    Hello, I bought these chicks about four days ago. I know it takes time for animals to bond and I assume chicken bonding is probably different than your normal household pet. Anyhow, I’ve been watching video of people putting their hands near their chicks and the chicks will come out and eat...
  10. Eggs by Happy Chickens

    Coccidiosis In chicks

    Okay, I think that one of my chicks that I got from tractor supply 5-6 weeks ago has Coccidiosis. I had four (cuckoo Marans) one mysteryiously died and one of the others has her tail down is fluffed up, eats, she drinks some and she is so frail and light compared to the other two that are...
  11. Jerinthefarmer

    What kind of chick is this? Please help

    I got 3 americaunas, none look like an americauna, but this one looks way different than the others! Can someone please help me figure out what chick it is? I am so stumped. I’ve never seen on with markings like this on the face. It’s got eyeliner, zig-zags, and it’s super fluffy.
  12. 20200305_180716.jpg


    Got 4 new chicks today. An Americana, speckled Sussex, and 2 color packs. Looking for the do's and don'ts
  13. Happy Henny

    Share your stories of your amazing roosters!

    Hi, I have a lot of cute stories of my chickens but the one that stands out the most is the story of my Black Ameraucana rooster, named Dotty. So, It was evening time so we went outside to close the chickens in. We had already closed in all of the coops except for the "Big Old Coop" as we...
  14. B

    Chicks hatched(phoenix/greek breed) + 5 unknown. Any help?

    Hello, 1 month and a half ago I had some eggs hatched from my incubator. In addition to phoenix and greek breed eggs (you can see some of the chicks here), I had 5 eggs given to me by a friend. Does anyone know what breed these might be and what gender? 1. I think it's a pullet. It has...
  15. iroeldjoeldj

    Older Chickies Available Southern California

    Chickies are flying out of the coops! While I love to keep all ages, lately the chickies have been flying the coop! Let me know if you have been waiting for chickies…I have a large assortment of ages, and breeds. I love to put together multiple breeds in a coop, so you can bring them home...
  16. SchultzWoodworking

    Building the fortress: one homestead at a time

    Hi everyone! Conrad from Freeland here... Mortician by trade & Army Veteran recently medically retired from my infrastructure job...too many surgeries...work hard/play hard!!! I’m incredibly new to this addictive thing you all call chicken raising...I know jack squat about this stuff even...
  17. jeylacooper

    eggs after day 21

    hey y'all! just wanted to let you guys know, if you think a chick isn't viable anymore, DONT throw it out until as far as day 26! i had one of my chicks hatch on day 23, and one pipping at the end of the day 25, and hatching on day 26. i'll post some pictures later !
  18. emmakate

    help: cracked beak

    my 1 week old chick has a cracked beak and i need to know if this is ok to put on it. if not is there anything else to put on it or should i leave it be?
  19. is this egg alive?

    is this egg alive?

    i candled this robin egg and i’m wondering if it’s alive. there are veins on one side but not the other side. a very tiny bit of nutrients i’m guessing oozed out a little bit yesterday but i wiped it off and put some unscented candle wax on it to seal it. i’m keeping it wrapped in a dry...
  20. MakMurrayFarm

    Starting My Lil' Home Chicken "Farm"

    Hey y'all!!!! I've been enjoying this site for many years.. But I decided to go ahead and make myself a member! I have always raised/owned chickens when I was younger. My husband and I recently (within the last year) got our own place! We live in South Georgia in a tiny town. When I was younger...
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