J&KV's Hen House
It was time for a slight upgrade for our three girls.
So we started from some left over contruction wood.

Our coop is a 5x5 and will house 5 of our hens.

I framed the back wall so that we can slide our nest box in and
out for easier cleaning.

We used hardware cloth for the windows and we'll add the
shutters for the mild winters we have in down here.

We built the nest box so that it can be unbolted from the inside
and be slid in and out for cleaning.

Here is the cut out for the pop door.

A lot of folks think that our coop is painted barn red but its actually
"rocking chair red".

The nesting boxes are about 13.5" wide and 12.5" deep. The girls
seem to have plenty enough room to move around.

Here's the inside look of the pop door. Rope pull for the outside.

Here is the roost and the nesting boxes. I probably went off the deep
end adding the carpet to the roost but the girls seem to love it.

Things that I would have done different:
1.Made the girls coop bigger.
2.Painted the inside of the coop.
3.Add laminate to the floor for easier cleaning.
Things I plan to add:
1.A PVC pipe feeder for the inside.
2.More ventilation .
3.Shutters for the windows for cooler weather.
4.I will probably run power out to our coop.
5.Put laminate flooring down.
6.Electric fencing around the outside parameter of the bottom portion of the run.