Jbarichivichs Homemade Brooder

By jbarichivich · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. jbarichivich
    After looking at many brooders this is what we came up with!


    We decided a brooder of this style is easy to clean and also easy to make.
    The container was purchased at Walmart and was on sale for $9.00.
    My husband then cut a whole in the lid with a jigsaw. Only half of the lid was cut.
    He then drilled small holes around the opening in order to zip tie the wire on.
    Small square wire ($25.00 a role of about 25 feet) was placed over the whole and then zip tied to the lid.
    He then used some of the same wire and cut in order to make rings to hold up the brooder light ($12.00 from Lowes, light bulb $3.45 for 2). We started with a 75 watt and then decreased to a 40 watt.


    The brooder light simply sits on the ring. He made four different height rings so we could move the light up and down as needed to control the temp.
    We also found out later that this brooder is easily modified! We had two chicks that were being picked on. My husband drilled four holes on the end of each side. Two holes at the top and to at the bottom right next to each other. We then placed more of the wire, the height of the brooder through the center of the brooder. The wire was tied with regular ole garbage bag ties. We did not divide the brooder in half the other way because we would have chicks not under the light and ones that would not be able to get out of the light.


    This also makes it very easy to place back to one large size again, by simply removing the wire.
    Having the lid on is also a great idea. We found at about 1 1/2 weeks the chicks started to realize they could jump!
    We hope this helps with your decision on a brooder for you and your chicks.
    John and Julie Barichivich
    Jordan, Brittany and Jessica

    and our 4 lovely chicks!

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  1. theoldguy
    Good job, I use the same.I have hatched and brooded Dark Cornish bantams,R.I.R bantams and Light brown leghorn bantams and it works well.Thanks for sharing :)
  2. kimisfishing
    this is what I made by accident to take my first batch of chicks to sale, great Idea and they stayed warm in cold weather too
  3. ESherrill43
    Thanks for the idea i went to walmart today and got 1 similiar to this exept mine a little longer and used your idea! Thank you:)
  4. Sharment
    Thank you for this pic - I can't wait to make one of these! What kind of thermometer did you use?
  5. Nursiedeer
    I have almost the same thing. I was keeping chicks in a different rubbermaid but I bought this one because it was bigger. Used it once with the lid off a bit (not clamped down) I got worried someone would close the lid so my husband modified it like this one only the entire lid was cut out and zip tied wire added. It works nice. I am looking for something a bit larger now though.
  6. ChicKat
    Love it...your dh is a very smart, and creative guy--this is the first time I have see a length-wise division. good idea. :O)
  7. tinychicky
    zip ties... good idea! the hardware cloth on my tub brooder is stapled with ducktape covering it. it looks pretty messy :/ maybe i'll try again your way :)
  8. daharja
    We're using something very similar, but with plain old chook wire over the top of the plastic crate, then bent at the corners to stop it falling off. Works a treat, but I susepect we might need something bigger soon - four chooks hatched, and 40 eggs still in the incubator ;-)
  9. robertmount
    good luck ^ and i love this design !!
  10. rsleghornchicki
    I'm using this because we bought a plastic bin like that and this is for my first time hatching.

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