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By jojufarm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jojufarm
    JoJu Farm Leggett, NC
    My Wife and I always wanted a Farm, So last year we found one listed in an Ice Cream Shop. 61 ac with a house, the house was in very bad shape, so my wife and i rebuild it, it took us a year, but we just moved in.
    we have 2 ac wild blueberrys, 7 apple trees, blackberrys,2 Grapes Vines, and now planting Strawberrys
    4 dogs, 26 chicks and 2 rabbits.
    updated 6//14/2010

    Check out Coop and Brooder Pages​
    Our 1st chicks Australop Black
    We got our Chicks from Nature's Hatchery,
    All 26 Chicks are all doing fine

    Day 1 (3/8/10) 26 chicks
    Day 8 (3/16/10) 26 chicks
    There growing fast and stating to eat more
    Day 14 (3/22/10) 26 chicks
    Day 22 (3/31/10) 26 chicks
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Boy there starting to eat alot. and drink a gal water a day. There flying all over the brooder.
    Day 36 (4/14/10) 26 chicks
    there out of the brooder and have the whole coop and run. at first they just sat around, now they can't wait to go out in the run.

    Week 14 (6/16/10) 26 chicks
    The Girls are real sweet they let us pet and play with them, they love eating grass and every evening we go out to the coop and hand feed them treats. they all come running.​

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