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We live in the middle of nowhere, also known as Central Texas, an hour from everything, in a little town where people can keep livestock in their yards.
Yes, you read that right, horse, cattle and goats in your back yard as long as it's kept clean and there are no complaints.

We have been allowed by our animal control officer to round up stray chickens that tend to visit our block so we will be slowly building a flock of mutt chickens.
And we plan on adding some Easter Eggers to the mix as well.

Our low budget coop (still being modified as we scavenge for materials and roofing supplies):
2-6' x 8' fence panels
2-2"x4"x8' cut down to size
4-1"x4"x8' cut down to size
hardware cloth
scavenged planters, pallet lumber etc.
Total actually spent was less than $100 as of 8/26/09

Will add more pics as the coop evolves!

Second coop evolution
We decided to add a run for the chickens and scrounged several pallets, landscaping timbers and more wire and ended up with this:

Third coop evolution
Added more girls, needed more room. Scrounged concrete forms, fence panel and fencing, had to buy the chicken wire:

Forth coop evolution
Needed a separate run for the new 8 week old pullets so we moved the first run and added a new one.
Scrounged construction site materials, old screen door and free rusted cattle panels:

Fifth coop evolution
Every one is old enough to be integrated and I'm tired of dealing with 3 separate runs for the big birds so we moved it all over to where the compost bin used to be and combined everything. Didn't need to scrounge anything for this!