Welcome! This is KiraCookie's Page. I am new to Backyard Chickens, so I will be putting up several pics of me and my family's chicks, hens, and roosters! Newborn chicks, (about a week or 2 old) Pineapple, Coconut, Razzle, Chance, and Ivy! More of their cute pics will be here soon! We have over 20 chickens, and they are all great. We are selling some of them cuz we have too many and have no time for them all. Well, check out my other pages...and...all of our beautiful hens, chicks and roosters. Enjoy!!
Here are some quick pics of the handsom Ivory, our family rooster. (Pic credit goes to 77Horses!!)
Ivory's 1st winter! Poor Ivory got frost bite on his comb his 1st winter, but we put a heat lamp in his coop.
Ivory's spurs are 4 inches! And they are sharpbut, of cource, they hurt! :p

Ivory as a chick.
So cute!
When he was born he was a silver color that looked like the color ivory, so we named him that. But when he grew older, he turned into an orange/buff orpington color.
Ivory on his 1st Birthday. January 28, 2011.