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  1. learycow
    Ducks galore! I own and operate a small duck business out of Southern Maine. Al's Quackery has many different breeds to choose from:
    Welsh Harlequins, Khaki Campbell, Pekin, Fawn and White Runner, Cayuga, Blue Crested Swedish, Buff, and Muscovy (blues, chocolates, black and white, lavender, buff, white, and Many more!)
    Hatching eggs are available year-round. Pure bred eggs are available upon request (depending on the season) and mixed hatching eggs are available anytime. I can ship eggs, just PM me! I hatch my own ducklings and usually have some to sell. I will also sell adult birds.

    2 choclate hens, August 2011
    2 white drakes with black heads, August 2011
    1 lavender drake and 1 lavender hen, hatched Oct. 17th
    1 drake, white with black hat, hatched Oct. 17th
    2 black and white hens, 1 black and white drake, hatched Oct. 17th
    2 chocolate hens, hatched Oct. 17th

    PM me with any questions!
    Check out Al's Quackery on facebook!

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  1. m.kitchengirl
    Thanks so much for my beautiful Buff duck. She is a great layer, beautiful, happy & healthy. I was so impressed with you & your farm, and can't wait to come back & get some ducklings.

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