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  1. learycow
    My Swap Items (will try to keep updated)
    2-3 goose eggs . SEBASTOPOLS- full curly, lavender smooth chested, blue splash full curly, saddleback full curly and saddleback smooth chested

    Pack of colored zip ties, large and small, variety of colors. I use them for legbands (250 pack)
    (image is from internet but I have similar colors plus green)

    4 Call duck eggs Silkies are in their own pen. Colors are snowy, pastel, black bibbed and blue pied
    Other color calls are as follows: black and white magpie/ancona, blue and white magpie/ancona, chocolate and white magpie/ancona, lavender bibbed and pied, and silvers





    4 Muscovy eggs (LIMITED AVAILABILITY). My colors are all together so you will get an assortment. Chocolate (pied, ripple and barred), black (barred), lavender (ripple), blue fawn (looney), blue (barred, ripple), dark ripples, solid silver


    4-6 Ancona eggs . All colors are together so ducklings that hatch will be a variety. Colors in my flock are chocolate, black, lilac, lavender, blue, silver. Tricolors may hatch as well




    Silkie/ Sizzle/ Showgirl Hatching Eggs
    My flock consists of all of the listed penned together so guaranteed a variety! Colors are black split to paint, blue, paint, blue cream, cuckoo, grey, splash.

    Standard sized Turkens (aka Naked Necks) (AVAILABLE)
    And one pen with red and buff turken hens and golden comet hens with a red naked neck rooster. 100% naked necks hatched from this pen so far

    20+ Farm and Ranch Magazines (years old but full of pics and short stories)

    10 lbs Fodder Seed (Rye, Oats, Barley). They come in 5 lb bags so pick 2 bags, can mix and match

    ITEMS WANTED (if someone wants to do a side swap)
    Sebastopol eggs, white, splash, or blue preferred but open to anything
    Ancona eggs (prefer a colorful flock, not just B/W, not from heavily marked birds)
    Magpie/Ancona/Bibbed calls, any color SQ/BQ
    Muscovy eggs, any color barred or ripple
    Marans eggs, pure. Quality doesn't matter as I only keep them for eggs
    Silkie eggs, prefer paint or splash colors, Quality doesn't matter, only kept for eggs
    Cochin Bantam eggs, prefer splash/mottled types

    Also willing to trade chicks/ducklings/goslings/or even adult birds of equal value. I have boxes and do ship!

    SWAPS I OWE 2015:
    corancher- "New what ya got swap", page 207. 5 lbs rye and 5 lbs barley - DONE
    draye- Designer Egg Chain, page 49. 6+ turken eggs - SENT 3/9/15- DONE
    minihorse927- The *NEW* all fowl egg chain, page 4. 4+ ancona duck eggs- DONE
    bnewens- NEW What Ya Got Swap!, page 224. 5lbs barley and 5 lbs rye- DONE
    Silkiesensation- All OTHER fowl swap, page 12. 6+ Turken eggs- DONE
    codieshell- NEW What Ya Got Swap!, page 268. 8+ silkie/sizzle/showgirl eggs- DONE

    SWAPS OWED TO ME 2015:
    cindywolkens72- "NEW what ya got swap", page 203-204. 3 boxes girl scout cookies- DONE!
    eggorthechicken- Designer Egg Chain, pg 49. 4+ ancona duck eggs- DONE
    minihorse927- The *NEW* all fowl egg chain, page 3. 4+ ancona duck eggs- DONE
    NeseO- NEW What Ya Got Swap!, page 224. Baklava!- DONE
    cousert- All OTHER fowl swap, page 12. 6+ call duck eggs DONE
    Proverb31mama- NEW What YA Got Swap!- page 268

    2014 swaps made:
    Swaps I owe 2014
    knightie- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 52) 4+ WH eggs. Sent and received
    HardizzlesFlock- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 47) 6+ mixed chicken eggs. Sent and received
    jmpeters- (New What Ya Got Swap!, page 141) 2-3 goose eggs, Sent and received
    Pidgey- (Private swap) 12+ WH eggs Sent and received
    ppimf- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 53) 6 WH eggs to be sent week of March 24th. Sent and received
    clousert- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 59) 4 call duck eggs Sent and received
    Silkiesensation- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 61) 4 call eggs Sent and received
    emvickrey- (Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN, page 824) 6 call eggs Sent

    Swaps Owed to Me 2014
    Pidgey104- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 45) 2 Seb eggs, sending once fertility confirmed RECEIVED (sent call eggs instead)
    Silkiesensation- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 51) 4+ ancona eggs, Sending after March 10th RECEIVED

    kiwijean83- (New What Ya Got Swap!, page 141) 1 lb honey caramels, sent March 12, RECEIVED
    kiwijean83- (New What Ya Got Swap!, page 145) 1 lb salted caramels RECEIVED
    rescueacres- (Waterfowl Egg Swap, page 53) 6 muscovy hatching eggs, sending once fertility is confirmed RECEIVED
    Pidgey1040 (Private swap) 8+ magpie/bibbed call eggs RECEIVED
    clousert (Waterfowl Egg Swap page 60) 4 call eggs RECEIVED
    clousert (online CRAZY EGG CHAIN) 6-8 call eggs RECEIVED

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  1. learycow
    Sorry, I am just now seeing your comment! What are you looking to trade? I cannot ship fewer than 8 ducklings and most of what I hatch are only in small quantities so it would really depend on hatching and such
  2. LooseyGoosey
    Is there anything you are willing to trade day old babies for? :)

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