In the upcoming year, 2009, we will be working to improve our breeding and showing stock. We currently own a blue pullet, white pullet, White hen, silver cockerel, silver hen, and 2 black hens. Our goal is to establish breeding programs for the blue/black and splash lines, the white lines and the silver birds. Unfortunately, for many reasons, the Ameraucanas lines were crossbred many times in the last century and the purity of the bloodlines suffered. It is our goal to provide show quality birds and improve the purity of the bloodlines! Please sit back and watch us grow!

This is Chastity, white hen originally from the bloodlines of Paul Smith of Texas. Chastity came to us in June of 2008.. she was shown twice.. First time out she took 1st place and Best of Breed.
This is Beauty, has not been shown, primarily purchased for our blue/black/splash breeding program, joined us in July 2008.
Phantasy, our silver duckwing cockerel. He joined our flock in August 2008. He is very young , 6 mos old when this pic was taken.
This young lady is Silvrblu, our first blue pullet, she took first place at her first show. Watch for her in 2009!

Sultana , silver hen. She joined our flock in June of 2008.

Squawk, black hen originally from Paul Smiths bloodlines. She joined us in August 2008. Please note that this really is not her best picture.. it is the only one I have right now! Watch for her in 2009.. she placed 1st at the La Grange County fair, fall 2008. Please forgive the photography, Squawk was not really impressed with showing.. grin.. she was rather hunched over in this photo!