WELCOME.. We are of the Ambuhls, Paul and Barb of Star Studio Ranch of Marion , TX. We recently completed a contract with Alan S. of Browneggblueegg.com.
We will be working with Alan and his various breeding programs to develop Bantam Araucanas. We currently are breeding the following varities of bantam Araucanas.. Silver Duckwing, Blue Breasted Red, White, Black, Blue and a new variety, Colombian (white with black neck feathers and tail/rearend feathers.
We strive to breed healthy birds, with tufts and no tails. Occasionnally we will have birds for sale that do not fit our breeding programs. Check with us! We will also have hatching eggs available on a limited basis.

For more information, please check out our website: www.freewebs.com/tinkersagain2

Here are a few pics of some of our new birds!