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  1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    My flock page (AKA The Important Stuff):
    Pipd's Peeps!

    About me: See this thread.

    Or go to my flock thread here.

    My NEW pages about my birds (well, so far):
    The Dorkings

    100 Pictures of my Flock - My 100 themed picture project for 2016.

    Rest well, my beloved Frou-Frou
    ♥ My Frou-Frou ♥

    Quick Reference Breeds of my Flock:
    Hens and Pullets: 2 Cochins (Blue and Splash), 8 Cochin bantams (silkied Red, silkied Partridge, and smooth Mottled), 8 Dorkings (Dark Gray, Silver Gray, and Red), 6 Easter-eggers, 5 Marans (Black Copper, Black Birchen, Black, and Wheaten), 4 Plymouth Rock (production Barred and Partridge), 3 Silkies (Black, Paint, and Porcelain), 2 Wyandottes (Gold-Laced), and 1 each of the following: Ancona, Golden Campine, Silver Lakenvelder, Exchequer Leghorn, Fawn Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam, Lavender Orpington, Silver Sebright, and Speckled Sussex. TOTAL: 46

    Roosters: 4 Cochin bantams (silkied Red and smooth Mottled), 2 Dorkings (Red), 1 Marans ('golden' Black Copper), 1 Old English Game bantam (Fawn Silver Duckwing), and 3 Silkies (Paint and White). TOTAL: 11​

    Guinea Fowl: 3 Pearl Gray, 2 Pied Pearl Gray, 1 Royal Purple, 1 Lavender. TOTAL: 7

    Ducks: 2 Butterscotch Calls

    Previously Owned Breeds / Varieties: Amberlink cross, Ameraucana (Blue), Australorp (Black), Bielefelder, Brahma (Light), Cochin bantam (silkied Black, smooth Black), Egyptian Fayoumi, Legbar (Cream), Leghorn (Light Brown), Marans (Splash), production Rhode Island Red, Red Sexlink, Sebright (Gold), Swedish Flower Hen, Welsummer, and several mixed breed chickens​

    Loved and lost since 2005:
    Cub, Chickie, Maddie, Ducki, Smokey, Aspen, Baby, Toasty, Toes, Twisty, Pace,
    Olive, Sienna, Ethel, Lucy, Pen, Dot, Rexy, Hawk, Blizzard, Mocha, Tyto, Jubula,
    Sunburst, DQ, Flicker, Corella, Martha, Amy, Rose, Betty, Diana, Natalie, Cricket,
    Moose, Thomas, Pogonip, Vespa, Marama, Po, Kit, Louise, Georgette, Violet,
    Emmy, Donnie, Gus, Ani, Cordelia, Mabel, Skua, Izzy, Debra Jo, Tilde, Frannie,
    Poppy, Trudi, Tiwhiri

    And my beloved Frou-Frou

    And Umru, Vander, Stewpid, Rigby, Ramsay, Lucky, Tygo, Theodore, and six unnamed cockerels, who all went to freezer camp, and Omelet and Hika Ma, the only two birds I've rehomed, and Scramble, Coffee, Tori, Tyson, Otus, Leo, Castor, and Pollux, who I took care of all their lives, but they were just mean, unlikable birds.

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  1. pattyhen
    You have some beautiful hens and roos. I love the guineas too and the ducks.
  2. Free Feather
    Beautiful flock! I do not have as many hens as you, but I definitely have more roosters! I love my boys, all 18 of them...
  3. autumnhearth
    Love the description of your chickens and those guineas are too funny!
  4. Acornewell
    I just loved reading about your flock! It shows that you love them and know each ones personality.
  5. lightchick
    Oh I love to see your beautiful flock! Violet is so pretty!

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