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    My flock page (AKA The Important Stuff):
    Pipd's Peeps!

    About me: See this thread.

    Or go to my flock thread here.

    Pages about my Birds (Be warned - I don't update them very much!):
    The Reds - The Banties - Merlin and the Wyandottes - Freema - The Barred Rocks
    The Easter-Eggers - The Fab Five! - Te Heihei - The Littles
    - The Griffins

    100 Pictures of my Flock - My 100 themed picture project for 2016.

    Rest well, my beloved Frou-Frou
    ♥ My Frou-Frou ♥

    Quick Reference Breeds of my Flock:
    Hens and Pullets: 2 Cochins (Blue and Splash), 3 Cochin bantams (silkied Red and Silkied Partridge) 6 Dorkings (Dark, Silver Gray, and Red), 6 Easter-eggers, 2 Leghorns (Light Brown and Exchequer), 2 Marans (Black Copper and Wheaten), 4 Plymouth Rock (production Barred and Partridge), 2 Sebright bantams (Silver), 3 Silkies (Black, Paint, and Porcelain), 2 Wyandottes (Gold-Laced), and 1 each of the following: Ancona, Golden Campine, Silver Lakenvelder, Cream Legbar, Lavender Orpington, Speckled Sussex, and Swedish Flower Hen. TOTAL: 39

    Roosters: 4 Cochin bantams (silkied Red), 3 Silkies (Paint and White)

    The Possible Keeper Cockerels (to be narrowed down) : 4 Dorkings (Dark and Red), and Vander the Red Dorking, who had tricked me into thinking he was a pullet

    Cockerels and Roosters that will not be staying: 1 Light Brahma, 2 Dorkings (Dark and Red), 2 Black Copper Marans

    Guinea Fowl: 4 Pearl Gray, 2 Pied Pearl Gray, 1 Royal Purple, 1 Pied Royal Purple, 2 Lavender. TOTAL: 10

    Ducks: 3 Butterscotch Calls

    Previously Owned Breeds / Varieties: Amberlink cross, Australorp (Black), Bielefelder, Egyptian Fayoumi, Marans (Splash), production Rhode Island Red, Red Sexlink, Welsummer, and several mixed breed chickens​

    Loved and lost since 2005:
    Cub, Chickie, Maddie, Ducki, Smokey, Aspen, Baby, Toasty, Toes, Scramble, Coffee,
    Tori, Tyson, Twisty, Pace, Olive, Sienna, Ethel, Lucy, Pen, Dot, Rexy, Hawk, Otus, Leo,
    Blizzard, Mocha, Tyto, Jubula, Sunburst, DQ, Flicker, Corella, Castor, Pollux, Martha,
    Amy, Rose, Betty, Diana, Natalie, Cricket, Moose, Thomas, Pogonip, Vespa, Marama,
    Po, Kit, Louise, Georgette, Violet, Emmy, Donnie, Gus, Ani, Cordelia, Mabel, Skua,
    Izzy, Debra Jo

    And my beloved Frou-Frou

    And Omelet and Hika Ma, the only two birds I've rehomed.

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  1. pattyhen
    You have some beautiful hens and roos. I love the guineas too and the ducks.
  2. Free Feather
    Beautiful flock! I do not have as many hens as you, but I definitely have more roosters! I love my boys, all 18 of them...
  3. autumnhearth
    Love the description of your chickens and those guineas are too funny!
  4. Acornewell
    I just loved reading about your flock! It shows that you love them and know each ones personality.
  5. lightchick
    Oh I love to see your beautiful flock! Violet is so pretty!

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