Little Red Coop

My great big coop and all the improvements we've made over the years. Also, some of the other chicken pens we've put together, like Rooster Row.
By pipdzipdnreadytogo · Aug 22, 2013 · Updated Oct 4, 2014 · ·
1000 (6).jpg 7-29-16 beginning work.jpg 7-29-16 finished work.jpg 7-31-16 deck mostly finished.jpg 8-1-16 kick board and framing for doors added.jpg 8-5-16 past few days progress - wire up on part of the wall and door up.jpg 8-18-16 roof finished to tar paper, fence added on short wall.jpg Completed.jpg inside lock closed.jpg inside lock open.jpg view from perches.jpg lrc addition interior.jpg lrc chicken door lock.jpg lrc door to addition fence panel.jpg lrc floor plan 5.jpg lrc front view.jpg Rooster Pen roosts 12-21-17.jpg Rooster Pens complete 12-21-17.jpg lrc 2018 floor plan.jpg Upper tray old portion.jpg Upper tray new portion.jpg Lower Tray and steps.jpg view 1.jpg Grumpy birds.jpg

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