Well it has been a while since I have written anything about the farm or us. I lost my job and had to fight for my unemployment, I won! So since this is a busy busy year I am not whole-heartedly looking for a job. My parents will selebrate their 50TH Anniversary in July, we are having a big party down in Florida. Both the mares are due to foal shortly, Lady is due the 20th and Queenie is Due June 13th.
We had an emergency Kitchen Remodel happen due to a water leak. Thank God for my parents they came up and stayed 2 weeks and my Dad and I fixed the floor, I got new flooring , painted and we have more to do.

We have added a bunch of chickens. We have Blue, Splash Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Partridge, Blue Silver Laced LF Cochins, Bantam Cochins, White, Black , Mottled, Barred and Splash. We have Partridge Bantam coming shortly. I finally found some Houdan Hens! Larry is very happy that he has his own girls.
Barred Rocks are everywhere! Thanks to Cynthia and her husband Tom, I now have a gorgeous flock of Barred Rocks. Cyn's much loved Rooster, Mace along with Zoe, Margaret, Maddie , Bess, Hannah and Holly came to live with us! I absolutely love these guys!
I have hatched a bunch of babies, I have both Bantam and Standard Favorelles, Mottled and Splash Cochins, Silkies, Bantam EE's and misc cochins. Also just hatched some RIR and Buff Orps and mu Barred Rocks are hatching now.
We now have 2 pair of Turkeys!
I hatched Trip and Sailor last year, they are Bronze, since it is likely that they are related I found a new Hen for Sailor and thanks to my buddy, Robin, I have a new Tom for Trip. Dickey is a Red Pencil Palm and along with Trip we should get Calicos.
I also have some Bourbon Red eggs in the incubator, can't wait for those!