Gogane and the Girls arrived
Gogane is way more Handsome in person and the girls are just so delicate and girlie looking.
Right now they are making home in the spare bathroom (gonna be heck to clean up later) we will finish the temporary pen in the barn this weekend and move Gogane and his girl into one side and then Fred (Our Silver Male and his new girl "Wilma" will go into the other side.
Fred has lived a "regular" chicken life and now needs to learn how to perch like a big boy!
We have several other new additions this week.
We got a Silver Laced Cochin Pullet, she is Goregeous, also got a Surpirse week old Silver Laced Chick , I named it Prize.
I also got a pair of Barred Cochins and a Splash Orp Cockerel.
Last week I got a pair of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.
Prize was lonesome so today I ran to the feed store and picked up 2 day old Barred Rock Pullets for company.
My laying pen is getting full.
Lots of new Kids, too many to add.
Got 4 Salmon Favorelles, hatched from Bantyman eggs. 4 Phoenix from Gogane & Leto and 2 Barred Rocks hatched from Speckledhen eggs.