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By Lots A Cluckin · Dec 29, 2012 · Updated Dec 29, 2012 ·
  1. Lots A Cluckin
    Hi, my name is Ayslen Redmon, we live in the beautiful mountains of middle, TN. We stated with 12 chickens in March 2012 just for eggs that twelve became about 60 chickens of various breeds. Now we have settled on Breeding Imported English Orpingtons because we love their personality and their fluffy butts lol

    In Spring 2013 we will have black English Orpington Hatching eggs for sale and plan to add several different colors to the breeding pens throughout the year.
    Below are some pics of my young Black English Orpington trio

    young cockerel Black English Orpington


    Young pullet Black English Orpington

    The trio

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