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A little about me.
I have three kids, homeschool two of them for the time. Live in a small city wishing I was in the far off country...my dream, maybe it will come true (hope.) I have two dogs, pekingnese and lab mix and a old mean cat. Now have four baby chicks and hopefully fresh eggs soon. I am a country girl at heart, raised on my grandpas farm.

A little bit about the chicks...I have 2 three week old Easter Eggers and 2 two week old Black Austrolops. I love watching them, can sit for a long time and zone out. Something tranquil, maybe it reminds me of my childhood, who knows why....all's I know is I really like being a chicken mama. Today they got this little square green cage that hold fruits/veggies/hay, purchased at petco for only two dollors. They really seem to be taking to it, keeps them somewhat occupied, they'll sit and peck at it for twenty minutes or so before they retire for a quick nap. Its funny because when I threw the lettuce in there on the ground they never seemed to care about it, now that its in that they enjoy it. The EE especially are growing so fast, the black austrolorps seem to be going at a slower pace. My EE are a little nutty, to me they look more like a hawk then a chicken. They are not mean but not overly friendly. The BA tend to examine items I put in the cage before the EE, food or whatever, they seem more curious and willing to try new things. The BA follow the EE around, whatever they tend to be doing, eating/drinking, the BA surely are right behind. They do stay out of the EE way as the EE get a little crazy flying and running around.Okay, so thats it for now, will be trying to get new pics up very soon.
Update 6/2009: Chicks are 5 and 6 weeks now and are getting real tired of the little outside coop and fight a little. I have a rescue lab mutt that is wonderful to come up to cage when they start this and it breaks up the little fight, she helps me out to keep them in line. All she does in come up to it and that seems to be enough to distract them. I feel bad that the run is not done for them but hopefully tomarrow it will be complete, lets hope!!! Another update- one of the EE seems to be having a little bit of boyishness to her might be a cock and not a hen so may only be having three chickens and not four. Also, the BA are very small, only a little over half the size of the EE...make me think of banties. Oh, the crazy days here at my house but so much fun.